A Special Prayer for Abundance and Joy for All


This is a prayer I have been using these past few days,and I wish to share it with you.  It’s pretty generic, but its intent is powerful and true.  Please use it however you see fit:


Dear Lord, 

I ask that you guide my path

I surrender my fate to your hands

I wish only what is best for me and those I love

I ask that you take me in your hands

That you protect me for temptation and evil

That, by your subjecting me to trial and tribulation,

You will forge me into something new, something better

And that I always show gratitude for your largess

And remain humble in my dealings, no matter how big or small.

I ask that you grant me success and abundance, not because I want it

But because this is your promise to all who believe in your teachings and way.

I ask that you strengthen me to endure the pain so I may revel in the glory of prosperity

And that, in the end, I show my gratitude for your blessing and favor by helping others up.

I ask this in your name, because I know the light and joy of the universe is the true path for us all.



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