Coming Monday Night to Atlanta – Snowjam II: The Boning


Call it “Snowjam II:  The Boning.”

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Atlanta and all of North Georgia, beginning at 7 p.m. Monday and running through Tuesday at 7 p.m.  While this is bad enough, the NWS forecast also speaks to a potential extension of the watch from Tuesday through Wednesday.

Still fresh off the wounds inflicted by Snowjam I, Atlanta is staring down the barrel of a combination storm feature sleet, freezing rain, snow and ice with potential accumulations ranging from a quarter inch of ice to 3 inches of snow.  Naturally, this depends entirely on the station you watch so, rather than have to jump from site to site, here is a basic breakdown on what each site is essentially saying for Monday night: (National Weather Service):  We’re boned.

WSB-TV (ABC Ch. 2):  We’re boned.  Everyone get ready for the apocalypse again.

WAGA-TV (FOX Ch. 5):  We may be boned, but none of the models are in agreement just yet!

WGCL-TV (CBS Ch. 46):  The National Weather Service has alerted Atlanta of impending boning well in advance, but we really have no effing clue at this point in time.

WXIA-TV (NBC Ch. 11):  Who cares if we’re boned – we got the effing Winter Olympics going on, baby! (Atlanta Journal-Constitution):  See also Channel 2. (Marietta Daily Journal):  We’re boned, but we aren’t gonna’ hype it like everyone else is doing. (AM 750/95.5 FM):  We’re boned, but don’t hold us to it because forecast models ain’t worth shit right now. (WYAY All News 106.7 FM):  Wait, we’re boned?  News to us! (The Weather Channel):  Yeah, we’re boned, and its name is Pax. (my website):  Yep, we’re boned.  Make sure you buy your beer early and I’d appreciate an invitation to your Winter Storm Party.

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