Announcing “Flash Fiction Fridays” beginning March 14

Beginning this week, this blog will be hosting a feature called “Flash Fiction Friday.”  It is open to invited contributors and the intent is simple:  provide an amusing, entertaining, and safe environment for literary experimentation.  Feedback will be welcome, and constructive criticism will be valued.  There are just a few minor ground rules for those who choose to contribute:

  1. All work must be original flash fiction.  Please, no “fan fiction” or “borrowed” work.  Now, if the work is based something that belongs to you, different ballgame.
  2. Please limit all work to 500 words or less.  Anything more and it’s no longer “flash” fiction.
  3. Excerpts are discouraged UNLESS they can “stand alone” as separate stories.
  4. Contributors retain copyright to all work, but this blog may be shared on multiple websites.
  5. Erotica is welcome, pornography is not.  If you don’t know the difference, don’t contribute it.
  6. Please, labsolutely nothing disparaging about religion or sexual orientation.  Live and let live, people!

There, that should cover it all.  That said, if you wish to contribute, please go to my website,, and click on “Contact Me” to express your interest in contributing.  I look forward to hearing from new contributors!

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