Reflecting on a profound moment in time

Where has the time gone?

Twenty years ago this month, a series of events began which changed my life.  These changes we so profound that, years later, they became the basis for a novel I recently received a publishing contract for.

In March 1994, I became Editor of my college newspaper and it wasn’t something I wanted or was remotely ready for.

To be honest, there was precious little I was ready for at that moment.  So much in my life had begun to change.  No longer could I afford to be that insecure young man who was willing to be a faithful assistant.  The transformation from a “play it safe” student into a gambling man had begun.

The years which followed would invite more amazing change.  Missteps, mistakes, triumphs and tragedy became commonplace.  Friends were made, lost, even died.  Jobs were landed and lost.  Love and heartbreak were no strangers to me.  The “road less traveled” had become the main highway, and it fell into significant disrepair as time went on.

In the coming weeks, I will be celebrating several milestones in my life.  They have special meaning, and they all will be memorialized in their own special way.  Strangely, this one day, which was most profound for me, will be celebrated in the most understated way possible.

March 28, 2014, twenty years since the date I first became Editor of The Sou’Wester, the newspaper of Georgia Southwestern State University, I plan to be spending that day doing something I positively love doing.  No, it won’t be writing, or drinking, or eating  special dinner.

I’ll be watching my favorite episodes of Babylon 5 and drinking a tall glass of sweet tea.

Where has the time gone?  There’s a simple answer to that…where it always find the truth.  I found mine twenty years ago this month. 

Though history would, after a fashion, repeat itself in 2011, that would be for just a brief and extremely bumpy moment in time.  While the “second time around” was, indeed, rewarding, that first go around was, quite simply, magical, in many, many ways.

To all those who were there, and who know, I want to convey my deepest thanks for your help, and for helping me to create the universe as it exists today.

Twenty years later, and there is still so much yet to learn.

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