A little bile for breakfast

Usually, I don’t write something based solely on bitterness and frustration, but this is an exception to that rule.

I have come to a stunning realization…most people really don’t have any real control over their lives.  Sadly, those in power love this fact.

Sorry for that bubble bursting moment but it is, by and large, true.  This world is built on the control of resources, be it human, natural, or financial.  We have allowed that control to coalesce into the hands of a privileged few.  Yes, leaders tend to reap the great rewards in life, but one of the problems with that statement is a great many leaders are so terrified someone else could do a job better, they set out to destroy competition rather than embrace it.

Grade school is the infancy of this sort of parochial thinking.  How many children did you know growing up that you thought were brilliant?  Now think about many of them were teased by classmates because of their intellect, or treated harshly by old-line teachers who found their brand of intelligence to be disruptive?  How of them who were not totally emotionally ravaged by the cruel reality of this world went on to do truly great, visionary things?

The answer probably not many, and that’s because such people are regarded as threats to the status quo.  They are the apple cart turners.  In some cases, they are genetically prone to addiction or mental disease and, rather help, our society scorns them, rejects them, or preys on them.

Reactionaries say it’s social darwinism.  After all, if they can’t survive by be agreeable or cunning as children, what hope do they have in the real world?  The weak need to be weeded out so the strong can rise to the top and lead, correct?

Except, too often, it is those supposedly strong folks who have the hardest fall from grace.  Those with minor sins they admit to are marginalized.  One could be a great worker, but because of a superior who harbors no respect for them, their ability to improve their lot in life is greatly reduced.  Another could be a single mom taking care of her child but, because she’s unwed, she is looked down upon as immoral.

We can’t have it both ways, folks.  Moral relativism exists because people want to have it all their way, without realizing that such a mentality is the exact source of the very thing they scorn.  It contributes to many of our societal ills, and that creates the sort of instability plaguing some nations today.

We can do better, but the question is are we truly strong enough to do better?

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