All the signs are there…another war is coming

There have been a lot of stories about wars, political drama and all sorts of class warfare matters.  Taking a look at history teaches us we are often doomed to repeat our mistakes because we, as a species, have a ridiculously short memory.  When something doesn’t suit our immediate needs, we toss it aside for a “quick fix.”

Sadly there is no quick fix for the bad ending this world is heading towards.  World War III is right around the corner and, if you can’t see the signs now, compare today’s world to how it was before the first two world wars..

Wealth consolidation has accelerated.  Before the first two world wars, that era’s equivalent of the “one percent” controlled most of the money and power.  In Europe, it was nobility followed by post war politicians working in concert with bankers and industrialists.  In America, it was the remnants of the Robber Barons, followed shortly after by those who gobbled up the assets of failed businesses during the Great Depression.  In the far east, the warrior class and the royalty controlled the money and power.  This is happening again…bankers and petrogarchs in Europe and Russia, military brass and government crooks in China, and the one percent and political power brokers in America are in control.

Nationalism is on the rise.  In Russia, Vladimir Putin is becoming Russias new strongman, China has a general rule by committee, though Hu Jintao’s cronies still call a lot of the shots.  In South America, splinter factions in Brazil and Venezuela Chavistas have called on the military to flex their muscle.  Before the first two World Wars, Hitler was a nationalist first, then a racist.  Mussolini wanted a return to Roman glory, and Stalin was a fierce nationalist, as was Togo.

Militaries of historically democratic nations are shrinking.  America is reducing the size of its military to pre-World War II levels.  Britain, Canada and other such nations are hinting at force reductions.  Only historically autocratic nations, such as Russia and China, are ramping up their military spending.

Military challenges and skirmishes are rising.  Ukraine is the whistling tea kettle in all this.  China and Japan are sparring over disputed islands.  Russia is sending warships everywhere there are navigable waterways, Iran continues its proxy war against Israel, and even late day showers and thunderstorms prompt North Korea to threaten to obliterate it’s southern counterpart.

But here is the surest sign a third World War is right around the corner…

Americans are growing more isolationist again.

America has always been the tough parent in the block who keeps everyone in line, and we don’t need missiles and bombs to do it.  We just need to work by example, but we’ve lost our way.  We elect reactionaries focused on cutting taxes and individual liberty but who, in practice, love corporate welfare and keeping their jobs, and that’s both parties.  We can’t stick our heads in the sand anymore.  America must rise up and face this threat head on.  There is no other choice.

Well there is, but none of us will survive the alternative.

Before the world blows up, check out Johns website,, and sample his book “A 38 Day Education.”

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