Flash Fiction Friday: Journey Into Eve’s Garden (WARNING: Adult content)


NOTE:  This is an excerpt from something I’ve had on the “idea shelf” with a working title of “Eve’s Garden,” an erotic fiction story I’ve been dabbling in.  This version is a slightly “toned down,” but still NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Eaton pulled his seat in front of Eve.  When she sat at the edge of the chair, Eaton noticed her breasts sagged a little bit.  It wasn’t bothersome in the least; he actually find it quite arousing.  Eve’s bosoms were much larger than he expected, and her face had an alluring quality to it that evening.  “Okay, Eve.  You first.”

Eve pondered the implications, then decided to spring her surprise on Eaton.  “Truth.”

“Okay,” Eaton sighed.  “Well, let’s see here.  I was a total nerd in high school.  I mean, complete nerd.  I wanted to be a teacher, loved Star Trek, and had a crush on almost every single girl I knew.”

Eve placed her hands on her lover’s muscular thighs, smiling at his response.  “That’s so sweet.  If only those girls knew what you could do now.”

“Yeah,” he laughed.  “A few of them liked to get me hard and then ask me to get them a book or something like that.  Really embarrassing.”

Eve conceded her paramour’s point.  “Girls are bitches, Eaton.  Women are bitches too, but at least some of us have class about it.”

“You’re not a bitch, Eve,” he protested.  “You’re sweet, warm, gentle and fun.”

Despite his words of kindness, she deflected.  “You don’t know me very well.  Okay, you’re turn.”

Eaton bit his lip, then decided to be gentle.  “Okay, Eve.  Truth.”

“I was hoping you would say dare,” Eve wiggled her eyebrows.  “But okay.  Well, let’s see.  Truth is, I thought you were hot the first day I interviewed you, and I really wanted to toss you on my desk and make wild love to you.”

“Kinda figured,” Eaton laughed.  “Time for a dare, huh?”

“Yep,” Eve said.  “I dare you to pleasure yourself in front of me.”

“Wait,” Eaton said, astonished.  “You want me to masturbate for you?”

Eve smiled.  “Yes.  Go ahead.”

Eaton stood up, unzipped his trousers and dropped them to the ground.  He looked at Eve, a little confused, and asked a basic question.  “Do you want me to stand or sit?”

Eve, now laughing, rolled her eyes.  “Whatever is more comfortable for you.  I just want to watch.”

Eaton sat down in chair in front of her and pulled his manhood from his briefs.  Eve sat forward, her mouth slightly open.  She watched in awe as he slowly stroked the shaft up and down, gently moving his hand in a motion which made her lust rise with each move.  She watched as his manhood become larger by the second, until it was again at full extension.  Licking her lips, she noticed Eaton had closed his eyes and was now moaning slightly.  Eve smiled, then whispered to him.  “Open your eyes, Eaton.  Please.”

Obliging her, Eaton lifted his eyelids to see Eve caressing her breasts with her hands.  Her dark nipples had hardened as she gently squeezed and caressed them.  Eaton smiled as he continued to pleasure himself, stroking himself slowly until he realized that Eve had leaned back so she could show her nipples were protruding through her blouse for him.  She groaned a little bit, then reached out for his manhood, which she finally grabbed a hold of and began to stroke slowly.  “Oh yes,” she hissed.  “Eaton, honey, will you be inside me again?”

Eaton stood up and smiled, “where at?”

Eve took his hand and led Eaton out to a blanket in the grassy field.  She pushed him down on the ground and then turned her back to him.  Eaton was more than a little surprised.  “Interesting.”

more to come….

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