The most basic question of all has the most profound answer


What do I need?

That is something I’ve been thinking about a lot today.  I’ve been so upset about not having what I want for so long, it’s become almost like a disease eating away at my core.  Rather than simply “being,” my mind has been selfish and focusing on what the world, the universe, and my Creator has granted me to survive and thrive.  After reading a very profound article on EsotericScience, several thoughts occurred to me, and it led to this list.

I throw down this challenge to my readers:  what are your answers to the question “what do you need?”

Need:  Food

How it’s filled:  I am able bodied (though not as much today as 10 years ago) and minded, so working for the money I need to buy food is not an issue.  I have received help from others with food, but generally attempted to avoid it because I felt too proud.  Today, I donate to local food banks out of my paycheck, and never miss an opportunity to help those in need when I am able.

Need:  Shelter

How it’s filled:  Again, working provides the money needed to pay for shelter, but I’m not too proud.  When my family and I were going through serious financial crises recently, we were prepared to live in a motel room until we raised the money to get back on our feet.  Through a combination of determination and the kindness and consideration of others, we have not only never experienced homelessness, I have also been able to hold those of lesser intent, who wish to use the letter of the law to violate the spirit of human compassion, accountable to universal laws.  This has prompted me to advocate for helping the homeless whenever I can.

Need:  Health

How it’s filled:  I do my best to eat well, walking around at my job constantly provides necessary exercise and this, combined with a desire to promote wellness and health to others, along with my dream of everyone being treated fairly and equitably, have created a new mental health I have never experienced.  My love of writing and being able to realize that dream help me to find a path which is the most mentally difficult I’ve ever experienced, but the most enjoyable emotional and physical rush of my life.

Need:  Love

How it’s filled:  I have the best friends and loved ones I could ever ask for.  Not only do I regard many of my closest friends as family, my world has only been enhanced by meeting those who I have been honored to have an instant connection with, an extended “soul family,” if you will.  It’s this feeling of complete awareness and understand that everything will be okay, no matter what, which has allowed me to become more open to the possibilities the universe has to offer.

To be honest, everything else, and I do mean everything – possessions, gadgets, cars, careers, money, trips, etc. – are completely negotiable.  To those who know me well, and know the pain I have felt over the years, please understand this is an ongoing process.  I am able to, and have already, forgiven almost all those who have done me harm, physically, economically, or emotionally.  I am now working on forgiving myself, and that actually is becoming a little easier every day.

Want to know more about me?  Go to and check out the links to my first full-length novel, “A 38 Day Education,” as well as other stuff about me.

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