Flash Fiction Friday: Two Business Men, Two Friends, Two Different Directions


Saturday fog wasn’t uncommon for this time of year in Atlanta, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  The mist kept temperatures balmy, and Cody’s morning walk, normally a pleasant stroll down Peachtree Street, was a veritable paradise.  There was hardly anyone on the street at seven in the morning, and this allowed for a relaxed, enjoyable pace he usually didn’t have while on his half mile hike to work.

While walking down the west sidewalk and passing the Bank of America Plaza, Cody caught a light breeze.  It was just enough to make him feel like he was at the beach, despite the fact Savannah was nearly five hours to the southeast.  Cody took a moment to stop and admire how the clouds simply hovered over and around midsection of the superstructure.  He marveled at the way the mist hugged the trees, but somehow wisped around the lamp posts.

A voice with a light piedmont southern accent called out from behind.  “Hey Cody!”

Spinning on his heel, the middle aged businessman from Detroit was shocked to see his old friend, Bryan Pollinger, standing behind him. A veteran of several major merger deal, Pollinger had become something of a household name in Atlanta for his philanthropic efforts.  Cody came up to him and, as they embraced, he thought of all the wild business deals, nights of debauchery, and overall crazy moments they endured together.

“Bryan,” Cody smiled.  “You look great!  I haven’t seen you in forever!”

Pollinger shook his head, clucking. “You obviously don’t watch the news.  I’ve been a busy man helping others.”

At that very moment, Cody decided the time was right for the most important question he ever asked.  “Well, you may be the right person, then.  I need help?”

Pollinger was now quizzical of his friend’s motives. “With what?”

“Rebuilding my life.”

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