Recapturing our self-evident right to destiny

I have chosen this week to take a little “walk in the woods” with Flash Fiction Friday, so please indulge me a rant instead of prose.

Life is full of that we would consider unfair.  It is the human condition.  So few seem to catch all of life’s breaks, as though they have been chosen.  It is a demoralizing feeling when the “system” seems to favor the physically attractive, morally conformist, or financially and socially connected.

One of the beauties of the creative process is it helps one to understand the very nature of what is.  Of course, the Law of Attraction clearly states “like attracts like” yet, too often, this is something exploited for material or emotional gain, rather than be used as a tool for collective and individual enlightenment.

We are better than this parochial attitude.

We must never allow anyone to take our power away.  We have, as human beings, the natural, self-evident right to not only self-determination, but to control over what others see as be our destiny.  Because someone says you are worthy of one thing, that does not mean you are unworthy of anything.  It is merely a door closed to allow another to open.

Those who appear “chosen” cede their power to others.  It is akin to dealing with the devil.  Granting others authority over what you choose to be right for you is the paragon of surrender.  This must be rendered unacceptable, and we do this by forcing those in power to see our worth through execution of our true talents to their fullest extent.

Anything less than this would be an insult to the creative process and a disservice to the world.

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