“Mew 101” – Conversational Kitty

There are a lot of programs and software out there talking about how best to handle your cat.  Naturally, this is to be expected as cats are one of the largest search engine and video hit terms on the internet.  As the “parent” of three spoiled rotten felines (Bently, Max and Rex), it is quiet easy to become fluent in the language of “mew.”  That being said, here are some feline linguistic basics to understand what kitty is verbalizing.

NOTE:  Please do not rely on this as an “English-Cat” dictionary.  This is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Basic Greetings:

Quick, hi pitched chirp:  Hello there!

Semi quick, hi pitched meow:  Hey!

Somewhat extended, medium pitch:  Where the @#!% have you been?

Short, low pitched meow:  Hey, you!  Down here!


Advanced Language

“Mememew” – You better listen to me, buster.

“Meeheheheheow” – Okay, you got food, I’ve got a stomach!

“Awreow” – Food, dammit!

“Meereeow” – Please, feed me!

“Mew” – This one is kinda like “Aloha” as it could mean a million things!

“Meerow” – ‘Sup?

“Reeeow” – What?

“New” – No

“Rrr” Yes?

“Meeorrowwwoeeww” – My litter smells like a sewer!  Change it, dammit!


If you have any additional “language” to add, please comment below!  I invite feedback!

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