Ten Fun Facts About “A 38 Day Education”

  1. Pompeii’s Volcano, the restaurant in the book, was inspired in part by Dina’s Pizza in Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Jay Ferragamo’s first name is actually Giovanni.  “Jay” is short for Jayson, his middle name.
  3. If The Scope newspaper was published in real life, it’s intended design would resemble that of The Oracle at the University of South Florida in Tampa.
  4. President Earl Falconer’s name was derived as a satirical tribute to the Atlanta Falcons.
  5. Jay’s roommate, Martin Ballard, does not drink at all in the series.
  6. The idea for Barron Deegan, Jay’s journalism professor, was partially inspired by late Southern Humorist Lewis Grizzard.
  7. The mascot for South Central College was chosen while watching “Ice Age.”  Mastodons are not a common nickname, and so it fit.
  8. South Central College’s red and gold colors were inspired by those of the University of Tampa, the first college to accept me while in high school.
  9. Parts of the book were written on a first-generation smartphone, emailed to my personal address, and pasted into the main manuscript.
  10. The title was originally “38 Days,” but changed when the title was amount of time a fallen soldier spent in Iraq before being killed in action.  I felt I would dishonor this man’s memory by keeping the title as such.

“A 38 Day Education is available on my website with a special deal for August.  Buy the book at $17.99 and I will ship it to you signed by me!  You not only get the book at a discount, but it will arrive autographed!

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