On Robin Williams and depression


The loss of Robin Williams has left the world with a gaping hole in its heart.  To think a man of such wit and talent would wish to take his own life is unfathomable, but it speaks to the challenges and pain faced daily by those suffering depression.

It is important to note that Williams battled both depression and addiction.  His struggles with cocaine were known in the 1970s.  Sadly, this is all too often a common thread; addiction and depression going hand in hand.  Those who suffer in the deepest throes of depression, seeing little to no hope, often self medicate through a variety of means, be it drugs, alcohol, food, sex or dangerous behavior.  It is the rush which dulls the senses, blurs the ability to see the void faced everyday.  Eventually, a choice must be made to fight, and live, or flee, and die.  There is no right or wrong to the choice, only the consequences of finality or continuity.  Either one is painful and frightening.  Often, the desire for finality is a desire to end the fear forever.  It is a sad reality that some feel no choice but to do so.

If it sounds like I’ve been there, it’s because I have.  Several years ago, in the depths of despair and darkness, I considered taking my own life.  While I would never call myself strong, the decision to soldier on with life bore amazing fruit.  I later learned that medication I was taking battle dperession and other issues helped to drive me to the very edge, and I stopped taking it, and any medication such as it, permanently.  I do not recommend this without a doctors go ahead…mine said if I feel better, then do so.

The point is depression is like any disease in that the treatment must focus on the individual rather than the affliction.  I empathize with the Williams family, and grieve with them.  Those suffering from depression, and who defeat it every day, know what it’s like.  The best we can do is pay tribute to Robin Williams by celebrating all life, every day.

If you feel life is not worth living anymore, please seek help.  If you feel uncomfortable with talking to anyone, call 211 or you even contact me through this page and I’ll provide you with what resources I am aware of, with zero judgment.  My love to you all who suffer and battle…I stand with you.

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