#PayitforwardATL – let’s expand a great thing!!!

A Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida (my old stomping grounds) had been enjoying one of the nation’s longest running streaks of human goodwill and kindness – over 300 customers had chosen to “pay it forward” and buy the next customer’s drinks at that location!  It was a continuous grand act of simple kindness that was broken when an opportunistic local blogger (whose name shall be withheld to prevent additional undeserved attention), chose to break the chain, calling the purchases motivated by “guilt.”

Hogwash, I say!  For that reason alone, and to prove that for every one jerk, there are a thousand great folks out there, I am challenging my family, friends, readers and followers to join the Pay It Forward Coffee Challenge, with Atlanta’s twitter identifier being #PayitforwardATL.  For your area, put in whatever handle you use (TB for Tampa Bay, NYC, Chitown, LA…you get the idea).

Here’s how it works – the next time you are in Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Krispy Kreme insist on picking up the drink tab for the person behind you.  Then simply ask them to “pay it forward” as the legendary movie said.  The goal of this is simple – get a chain of human kindness and compassion going and let’s start healing this crazy world.

ONLY ONE REQUEST:  Please tweet a picture of your receipt with the Payitforward hashtag for your area.  This will help raise awareness.

I did my part tonight – the tab I covered for a father and his child – $7.17.  Since I was willing to put my money where my mouth is, I challenge all of Atlanta and the State of Georgia to do the same.  Let’s show these cynics who think it’s all about guilt what it means to be American – we are, after all, the most generous nation on the face of the earth!!!

By the way, it would be a shame to just limit this to one or two cities – it would be REALLY cool if we could get this thing going NATIONALLY!!!!

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