11 Reasons Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek: The Original Series

Things have been way too serious as of late, so it’s time to be a little lighthearted!

11 Reasons Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek!


  • Star Trek:  None to speak of, unless you count Romulan Ale, which you shouldn’t.
  • Babylon 5:  Spoo


  • Star Trek:  Warp Drive – which NASA says could happen in another 50-200 years.
  • Hyperspace:  Based on transdimensional physics theories which are actually in practical experimentation.


  • Star Trek: Transporters – fundamentally flaws due to the fact that consciousness has not been quantified on the scientific level.
  • Babylon 5:  Shuttlecraft – based on sound physics and we already just jet aircraft.


  • Star Trek:  Artificial Gravity – based on some magic device which has never been described
  • Babylon 5:  Humans don’t have it on many ships, others use rotational sections, other races don’t have it, others have gravimetric propulsion systems which generate gravity wells as a useful side effect.


  • Star Trek:  Phasers – based on “fictional” particles called “Nadions” which do “damage” to “Stuff.”
  • Babylon 5:  PPG – a microfusion weapon which uses super heated helium stowed inside a spinning magnetic “wrapper” which “dissolves” on impact, causing damage.


  • Star Trek:  Phasers and Photon Torpedos – magnetic bottles inside tubes containing separate matter and antimatter packages.  When they impact – boom!  When they misfire, very very bad!
  • Babylon 5:  Energy weapons – already in development.


  • Star Trek:  An assortment of humanoid jerks, ranging from tall freaks with ridged foreheads to green-blooded bastards with a trumped up sense of morality.
  • Babylon 5:  Spidery looking superbeings with ships that could make quick work of every incarnation of the Enterprise.


  • Star Trek:  Utopian society in which everything is free, nobody has wants, and Earth is paradise.
  • Babylon 5:  Not much different than today, except now everyone is paranoid about aliens instead of each other.


  • Star Trek:  Captain gets the girls, First Officer is emotionless
  • Babylon 5:  First captain becomes a messiah for an alien race 1,000 years ago, second becomes a messiah for current day.


  • Star Trek:  A billion incarnations (some great, many awful), over a dozen movies, and Paramount Pictures calling the shots.
  • Babylon 5:  A couple of abortive successors to the original, an abortive movie and DVD series, and the creator RETAINS THE RIGHTS!

and of course…the tiebreaker.


  • Star Trek:  Kirk:  Space.  The, final, frontier.  These, are, the voyages, of, the, starship, Enterprise.
  • Babylon 5:  Sheridan:  These are your sons, your daughters, whose loyalties have never wavered; whose belief in this Alliance, has forced us to take extraordinary means.  For peace, for justice, for the future, we have come home!

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