A 38 Day Education…Jay interviews the author

Today, a little role reversal…Jay Ferragamo, Editor of The Scope newspaper from “A 38 Day Education,” stops in to interview me.  Yep, weirdness shall abound.

Jay:  Okay John, that’s for agreeing to this interview.  Let’s start with a little something few know about you personally.
John:  Okay, here’s one…I’ve loved cats ever since I was a child.

Jay:  But you have three cats now..
John:  That’s right, but I wasn’t allowed to have a cat as a child.  My mom didn’t like cats then because they attacked birds and my dad didn’t like how sneaky they were, in his view.  Now, I have four great Kitties and before the boys I have now, I had two girls and a boy.

Jay:  it says here you are a huge advocate in the fight against FIP.  What is that?
John:  Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  It’s an autoimmune illness which is 100% fatal.  It begins as a regular coronavirus, which should usually amount to just a “kitty flu” but, in rare instances, mutates and causes a cat’s immune system to attack it’s own insides.  Horrible way to die.  I lost my little boy Cooper at 11 months to it.  I will always advocate for funding to fight this disease, and there are new breakthroughs every year.

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Jay:  Okay, happier topic…what about sports?
John:  I used to be a huge football fan, but not so much anymore.  I dunno, it just feels like it’s going the way of basketball now with the ego driven individualism.  There’s very little concept of team spirit.  I like hockey and baseball. I get a kick out of curling, and I watch Canadian football every so often when I need a diversion.  I prefer artistic sports, such as gymnastics and figure skating.

Jay:  What are your political leanings?
John:  I knew I would have this question pop up eventually.  We’ll, let start by saying I am not a member if either party…I’m a registered independent.  That said, I see myself as a moderate liberal.  I think the conservative side has a lot of great ideas, but their narrative has been hijacked by big money power brokers, much the same as the liberal side has been.  I do believe our nation should have a strong national defense and lead by example, but to do so we need to take care of our own and feed,.cloth, and shelter our citizens.  That said, I feel every able bodies citizen should work, even if that means volunteer work to receive government benefits. Finally, I believe very strongly that we should not legislate morality, which means gay marriage and adoption, recreational “soft” drug use, and certain other victimless “crimes” should be codified as legal.  I also am pro-choice, because the woman must ultimately bear responsibility for her choices.  If she can live with it, she ultimately has the right to dictate her destiny.  Men aren’t exactly innocent….if you don’t want this issue, use protection!

Jay:  So you support gay marriage?
John:  Absolutely.  If two consenting adults are happy and in love and wish to commit, what right do we have to impose a moral standard on them?  I don’t begrudge the individual right to religious belief, so my view is there should be a covenant marriage, granted only by religious institutions, and civil marriage, which both ministers and the government can grant. Gay marriage would fall under the latter, with equal legal standing.

Jay:  You said you were raised Catholic.  What do you think of Pope Francis?
John:  Im honestly surprised he hasn’t been shot at already.  Maybe I don’t follow his happenings too much but I think he’s a pretty forward thinking man.  The church has been needing a swift kick in the Fanny with regards towards the poor, and Francis and giving it just that.  Kudos to him.  He’s scaring a LOT of powerful folks.

Jay:  Give me a childhood hero growing up.
John:  Didn’t really have one.  I would say Optimus Prime but we are obviously talking real life, so probably my Dad and, even though he died before I was born, my Dads father.  He was Production Manager for Cosmopolitan magazine when it transitioned from a news and featured mag to a womens’ publication.

Jay:  Okay, who do you admire today?
John:  Well, my dad because he earned his bachelors in his mid 70s.  I felt honored I could help him achieve that milestone with some Projects I helped him format.

Jay:  If you could have one fantasy date, who would it be and why?
John:  My friends will be stunned by this, but Debra Messing.  I just find her hysterical and I would love to spend an evening just picking her brain.  If not her, definitely Peri Gilpin (Roz from Frasier) – I just find her sassy and funny.

Jay:  Okay, final question…how did you feel when Solstice offered you your first contract?
John:  What’s lighter than air?  Find that object, that’s how I felt.

Jay:  Okay, time for coffee…who’s buying?
John:  Me, of course.  You’re imaginary.

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