Election 2014 – Ten Crazy Predictions

Ten crazy election day predictions for 2014.

10. In Georgia, Republican Senate Nominee David Perdue will announce he is quitting the race to join a group of businessmen peddling Ebola cures in Sierra Leone. “I am determined to prove I can be successful anywhere I go,” Perdue will insist. “So why not a backwards, third world, plague ravaged nation? What could go wrong?”

9. A massive election-day riot will break out in Sacramento after voters finally realize that almost 80 percent of all of California’s constitutional initiatives passed during the 1990s contradict each other. A radical group called “The California Libertarians” will demand President Obama launch an investigation into why it is that Californians keep voting for amendments which only make sense to those with Harvard Law degrees.

To read the remaining zany predictions, click the title link at the top of this post.

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