My own political leanings – not your average liberal

Over the last few years, many have asked about my own political leanings.  This has been something actively avoided to build my image as a writer.  Naturally, this has also led some to wondering if I am willing to take a stand for anything.  Ordinarily, I would consider this to be little more than a nuisance, but our nation’s current hyperpartisan climate demands answers, and so I am willing to finally explain my political leanings.

First, let me be clear on one very simple matter – I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  I am a proud independent, entirely because I believe both parties to be so corrupt, their leadership is now beyond both repair and redemption.  As for my ideology, I may as well shoot straight – I am a moderate liberal, but I’m not your average liberal, not by a longshot.  Indeed, much of my political leanings are based in what I have witnessed in my life, and how those who have been wronged, and those who have done right by others, have managed to influence me.  That said, here is a basically outline of what I stand for, politically:

  • Wealth consolidation is a bad thing. Like it or not, almost all major multilateral wars have begun after a massive consolidation of wealth.  (Seven Years War, Franco-Prussian War, World Wars I and II).  This nation has created a new aristocracy and, as a result, a new sense of entitlement from not only America’s elite, but their offspring as well.  Global consolidation of wealth will, eventually, lead to global war which could wipe out all life on earth.
  • Climate change is a fact. What many don’t want to admit is that climate change is constant, meaning that this planet is always changing.  Has anyone bothered to remember high school geology?  Tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, electromagnetic surges all contribute to the shifting climate in our world.  Climate change is a given; the question is how fast we are pushing it along?  Anyone who “believes” in alarmist-style global warming is looking for money and/or attention.  I refuse to buy into the tripe these loons peddle, but I’m not stupid enough to ignore the data.  Some parts of the world are getting cooler, other parts warmer – deal with it!
  • Government must be the referee and watchdog of both businesses and workers. Libertarian, Ayn Rand-style laissez-faire economics and Marxist Communism have one fundamental flaw in common; they ignore the basic fact that human beings are, at their core, imperfect creatures which are susceptible to lusts of money and power.  In the Libertarian fairyland, all businesses would have morals and ethics, and the market would simply punish those who don’t conform to societal norms.  Ultra-left wingers, in their warped universe, believe everyone would be happy if their basic needs were met without question, and that happiness alone would motivate people to achieve better.  Unfortunately, greed and avarice are two of the seven deadly sins, and they are flaws in human nature which make both extremes impossible dreams, so there must be a balance between the two.
  • That said, government itself is not the be all and end all. Cradle-to-grave government largess, such as that seen in European countries, is not possible in the United States for a very basic reason – economies of scale.  In Europe, individual nations are mostly homogeneous, meaning one dominant ethnicity (sorry, American WASPs, that doesn’t exist in the U.S.) and, more importantly, small populations.  Britain, France, and Germany are grappling with lumbering welfare programs and ineffective, change-resistant bureaucracy.  This almost always lends itself to a government which believes it, and not the people who elect it, call the shots.  In our nation, this cannot be allowed to happen – transparency is required, and accountability must be demanded.  While I love my country, I cannot stand what our government allows, and we, the people, have allowed this happen.
  • We cannot stop questioning everything. The idea that our government, our leaders, our elected officials will always tell the truth, be open and forthright, and look out of us is naivety at best, lunacy at worst.  Those on both the right and the left must be held accountable for anything they do that is not in the best interest of the nation.  Allowing things to become law, be funded by the money earned by the sweat of our national brow, or be acted upon for reasons that are not vital to our national interests should be something we, the people, must be willing to stand up to those in power and remind them who gives them that power, and it’s not anyone in with billion dollar bank accounts.
  • No one group of people should be allowed to control everything. This is not a call to return the nation to the Gold Standard, or a conspiracy-driven cry for revolution.  This is a cry to my fellow Americans to look around, think about what is going on in their own backyard, and begin to foster change for the better.  No one group, special interest, or individual should be allowed to hold total power over an aspect of our nation, and that is where we are going.
  • A woman must retain the ultimate right of refusal over her reproductive system. Men must not only defend that right at all costs, and women must respect men’s right to such input should they choose the responsible path of cooperation and support in such matters.  Morality is the purview of the individual, and that individual must face the consequences of any decision they make.
  • While private enterprise can be trusted to build and maintain public infrastructure and systems, it cannot be relied upon to administer such items, at least without strict government oversight. To do so would allow the corruption created by greed and avarice to destroy that which has been built.
  • A strong middle class is essential to the economic health of our nation. As such, corporate welfare of any sort is an anathema to a functional republic, and individual welfare must be repaid in kind through civil volunteer service.
  • There should be no limits on campaign contributions from individuals, but those individuals must be willing to put themselves into the public eye for scrutiny.
  • Corporate law must be rewritten to eliminate the limited liability statutes. Investors, Directors, and Executives are more likely to act in the best interest of a company and its assets, both hard and human, if they stand to lose assets of their own.
  • No American should go without food, clothing or some form of shelter. As such, all Americans have a moral obligation to offer a hand up to those who ask for it.  Those who wish to lead a self-destructive path should allowed basic needs, but must submit to volunteer service to compensate society for the damage they cause from their own failings.
  • An open, honest dialogue about race must be achieved, and that dialogue must remain respectful from both sides. Anyone who fails to honor this code of conduct must be marginalized, and their demands ignored.  When they are ready to behave like civilized adults, they can return to the table and reach an appropriate understanding.
  • Sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or race must never be allowed to dictate one’s destiny in this nation. We all rise and fall on our merits, but we also have a moral obligation to help those in need who request it honestly, and we must respect the basic dignity of those who do request, rather than demand, such help.  We are not a theocracy, no matter how much some in the religiosity may believe it to be our destiny.
  • Finally, we are, as a nation, not evil, nor are we completely good. We have made mistakes in our history, but no more than any other nation in this world.  Our strength comes from a multitude working together towards a common goal, and that diversity strengthens us  provided we utilize our greatest assets of common language, common courtesy, and common identity as Americans.  The notion of a “more perfect Union” is a basic belief that we, as Americans, must work together to achieve an ideal, one espoused by our Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan; that we are, as a whole, better than the sum of our citizenry.  This must always be our national mission, and that means it will, hopefully, never end!

Comments or questions?  I welcome them!

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