Mercury walks backwards into Scorpio – let the cluster#@*! begin!


This has been an extremely strange week for me.  After coming back to my day job from vacation, I finally realized that my true calling really is writing.  Lo and behold, my online home business (well, not exactly home but you get the drift) writing press releases for those on a budget is starting to slowly take off.  Add to that the fact that I have been experimenting with different plot devices to see what works for “Countdown to Eternity” and the fact I am not sure about a few things with regards to the “Scope” series, and it has been a difficult week of writing to be sure.

Now comes another wrinkle in the mix; one of my friends pointed out that we are entering into a Mercury retrograde into Scorpio.  For those who are not astrologically inclined, a retrograde is where a planet in astrology appears to be going backward when it really is moving forward.  Retrogrades happen with all the planets, and usually come with some pretty annoying effects, but Mercury being the planet of communication and messaging, makes for an extremely messy backwards walk through the woods.  For writers, such as myself, this can lead to all sorts of miscues, errors in judgment, and lapses in communication.  When the retrograde is in Scorpio, so much stuff is cleaned out of the closet, so many skeletons and secrets are given fresh air, one often feels like a politician who just got caught with their esoteric pants down, so to speak.

That said, I would like to offer up a little amusing tidbit – I am a Virgo,which means that a this who hullabaloo is usually set to dredge up some old bull and, for a perfectionist such as myself, it’s likely to feel like someone tossed a ball of tinfoil into a microwave and set it to “atomic blast.”  I’m half expecting someone I knew from long, or not-so-long, ago to grace my internet doorstep asking to reconnect or, at the very least, regale me with a sordid or silly tale of misadventure in their lives.  If nothing else, it will provide quite an amusing sideshow for my waking life.

Of course I’m not expecting this whole ordeal to be easy.  The opportunity for mischief, communication snafus and a general feeling of being “out of it” is generally the norm, so I shall endeavor to, as the saying goes, “Embrace the madness!”  Naturally, I plan to totally bury myself in my writing work, and keep my press release work hot, my books hotter, and the thoughts racing through my mind hot enough to scare away the devil himself (while trying to behave so as not to screw up my family life – good luck with that one, I suppose)!

So, whatcha waiting for?  Order a press release on Fiverr, buy a copy of A 38 Day Education, or simply follow my misadventures here, on Facebook, Twitter, and my new review blog, Books and Blondes!  If it’s gonna be a rough and bumpy ride, I might as well enjoy it with friends, right?

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