A 5 Minute Rant that’s sure to offend someone

Please indulge me this rant…it should take about five minutes to write.

I am so very tired of people telling non-college grads who they should be, why they aren’t successful, or that they aren’t worth a crap.  Yes, we aren’t the brightest bulbs in the shop sometimes, but I can assure you I’ve been around far more of my fair share of college grads who are dimmer than the bulb you put in a 20 year old refrigerator.  We aren’t the worst employees or professionals to grace the universe, and many of us college dropouts are actually doing better work than our graduated counterparts because we work harder, faster and more efficiently.  Why?  Simply – we have something to prove.  See how much the Business School grad whose daddy or mommy got them their job has to prove – my guess is “not very much.”

Now, on the subject of jobs, here’s something else that’s been annoying the crap out of me.  There is nothing wrong with working in retail!  A lot of hiring professionals think that retail is a “dead end” profession, that nobody in retail is worth a chance on.  That is the biggest horse turd I’ve ever heard of.  At last check, a lot of retail jobs are what our civilization is built on.  Are you going to tell the retail manager who works 50-70 hours a week, most holidays, often overnights and dealing with grouchy customers, unreliable employees, and oftentimes ridiculous expectations from higher ups are any less suited for a white-collar job than say, a green college graduate who’s idea of a hard day at work is five classes, a 30-hour a week job somewhere, and binge drinking on Thursdays and Saturdays?  I somehow doubt that.

Last but not least, here’s something everyone who is in the more monied class should consider – your lifestyle is made possible by the very people you turn your nose up at.  Yes, that’s right – the servers, maids, cooks, trash collectors, and “dirty job” folks aren’t just part of a class of people a TV show is based on.  Your lifestyle comes because many people are willing to do the jobs you simply aren’t.  Take a selfie of a paystub from the Department of Sanitation, a local fast food dive, or your grocery store, and post it!  At that very moment, you can claim a sense of being able to relate.  Until that time, leave the social darwinism at your house door and, when you walk into the fresh air and the world that 99 percent of live in, at least try to fake some courtesy!  Yes, we know money can help buy happiness, but your smugness is officially beyond old…it’s a moldy, Jurassic-era fossil.  Hell, maybe you can solve the national energy crisis by filling your vehicles with self-righteous indignation towards others!  There’s a concept!

Okay…five minutes is up.  I’m sure I offended someone but, considering that kind of day I’m having, I really could give a flying —- less!

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