Ten things Dog People just don’t get about Cat People


Time to talk about cats and dogs, literally.

There is a ton of merchandise aimed towards “dog people.”  Much of the advertising is geared towards dog lovers and, with a few exceptions, most dog lovers are not cat lovers.  This is not to say they would wish harm upon someone’s beloved feline, but they simply don’t get the hype around our furry friends.

Well, that concept cuts both ways.  Being a cat parent for the better part of almost 20 years now, I feel comfortable with this list of ten things dog people just don’t get about cat people (apologies in advance to those who love both dogs AND cats…y’all can sit this one out):

  1. We are free thinkers. Cat people tend to express themselves more willingly and with less regard for what others think.  Like our feline friends, we use both verbal and nonverbal cues to get our point across, and we are not afraid to tell you what we think, unless we believe it won’t serve our purposes.
  2. Our politics aren’t (no pun intended) dogmatic. Most all the cat people I know tend to be very open minded, politically speaking.  Morally is another matter, but as far as politics go, cat people tend to examine the issues on the merits, rather than through an ideological lens.
  3. We are proud to spend a ridiculous amount of money on our babies, but we don’t brag about it. Cat people will talk about their friends, but they tend to avoid talking about the items we buy.  It’s easy to talk about how you buy Spot or Fido that designer leash or collar or the super-premium food made from fresh meat, but a ultra-premium scratching post or automated litter pan just doesn’t have the same appeal to it.
  4. We love how our kitties take care of themselves. Yes, walking a dog is fun and enjoyable, but direct contact with a “number two” just doesn’t appeal to us.  We’d much rather Sweetie or Mittens do her business out of sight, and we deal with either through a use of a scooper, or pouring said refuse straight into a plastic bag in its entirety.  The less muss, the less fuss, and that’s how we like it.
  5. Health issues are harder on us. Unlike a dog, a cat tends to mask its medical issues through subtle changes in behavior.  A dog cries…a cat…purrs?  That’s right, that little hum in their throat isn’t just an indicator of pleasure, cats use it to self-medicate or indicate trouble in Denmark.  The problem is, with a thorough medical evaluation, most cat ailments go undiagnosed.  Puppy, on the other hand, will often show obvious signs of distress, giving time to get him to the vet.
  6. You can adopt a dog, but a cat has to adopt you. This is where so many dog owners who decide to venture down the feline road go wrong.  If you go to a shelter and just pick a cat, you are making a mistake.  Kitty needs to come to you.  When that happens, and the bond is established, the cat has said “I like you…you are mine…I would like to go home now!”  A dog will say “oh boy!  You picked me!  You picked me!”
  7. We are patient because our friends show affection on their schedule. Sometimes dog owners are offended when their fuzzy buddies don’t shower them in puppy kisses.  Cat people tend to cherish each and every lick, nuzzle and snuggle because it often comes in bits and pieces.  Rejection, for a cat person, is part of the basic job description.
  8. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. Cat people, by our nature, are usually more emotional and sensitive than dog people are, and that is by design.  Our furry friends pick up on our emotions readily and, when they sense something is amiss, we get our nuzzles and snuggles.  As any cat owner who has suffered a breakup; within minutes of getting home, Snuggles is up next to you, trying to cheer you up.
  9. We get tired of hearing all the ignorant statements about cats. First, a female mother cat is not a “bitch,” she’s a “queen.”  The male father cat is called the “Tom.”  A grouping of cats together is called a “Clowder,” not a pack.  Cats are not bred in kennels, they are raised in “catteries.”  Cats are not pack animals – they are social, yet independent.  It does get old after a while.
  10. We understand the unique diseases cats suffer, and they can be devastating. To so many  of us, the sight of a kitten dying from Feline Infection Peritonitis (FIP) is soul crushing.  Just as much so for FIV (feline AIDS), Feline Leukemia and many other diseases.  Dogs have their share of terminal diseases, but there have been many more advancements in veterinary research as far as dogs are concerned.  Cats, sadly, still get the short end of the medical stick in many ways.

So, there you have it!  It’s easy to be a dog person in so many ways.  Being a cat person requires a certain personality type, and that type must be willing to put up with what cats expect because, let’s face it, it really is a cat’s world.

Please forgive the silliness, but naMEOWste!

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