Some holiday cynicism and hope in one convenient two pack!


I found out, at the time of this post, I have been blogging on WordPress for a year!  Amazing, and I thank you all for your support over this past year!

This is the second year I will be in Georgia for the holiday season and, admittedly, it is difficult.   The pain of being away from my parents, my siblings and family friends who we spent fifteen years of holidays prior is not going to go away overnight.  If anything, the fond memories we hold made this relocation to Georgia all the more difficult.  Still, there is the potential for some magic this Christmas season.

I’m not going to digress into some sappy diatribe about how wonderful the holidays are and how we are all better people during this time of year because, honestly, we aren’t.  There’s plenty of inhumanity and violence to belie the whole “peace on earth” mantra which has been stuffed down the world’s throat for millennia.  Nope, no “Miracle on 34th Street” silliness from me.

Here’s the funny part – as much as the cynicism coursing through my veins is nearly acidic this time of year, I still feel as though humanity has hope.

There are people out there who genuinely wish to help the world.  Yes, there are those who truly wish to make things better and try to improve others lots in life.  At the end of the day, there are so many who need help, and it just seem like there are so few who really care.  A rock into the pond, as it is said so often, creates the ripple and, with those ripples, comes a potential for something amazing to happen.

There are those who are volunteering their time to help the needy.  Others are ringing bells to raise money for charity, and others are ringing phones to get people involved.  Toy and food drives, fundraisers for homeless shelters, and church clothing closets and food pantries brim with assistance this time of year.  A cynic would like at it and say “it’s not enough to do it during a certain time of year,” but maybe, just maybe, we need to consider the time of year the holidays are in.

This is when the world is, quite literally, cold.  When Mother Nature takes a siesta and Old Man Winter arrives on his Ice Machine to chill things out.  During these times, we are more likely to be grouchy, sick and tired because we are working overtime to make everyone happy.  We rarely take time to step back, look around, and see what we really have.  So many of us fail to understand what it is the holidays are all about.

Holidays are about one thing, especially during the Winter – bringing warmth on some of the coldest nights.  Reassuring those in need, tending to those who are homeless and hungry and grateful for a clean, dry pair of socks the way a vapid teenager is grateful for a new cellphone.  As difficult as it may be to believe, the holidays are no accident.  They occur when we need them the absolute most, the time when we are cold, tired and feeling as though we can’t go another step.

The magic of the holidays is actually more simple than any carol, tale, or legend; it’s the magic we get when we can step back, look around, and appreciate not so much all that we have, but all that we are and, more importantly, all that we could be.

After all, the words “could be” breed hope, and isn’t that what this season all about?

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