Into the ethers – some predictions for September (UPDATED September 2015)

Well damn!  It would appear that when viewed in the “long range,” my predictions may have been more spot on that I gave myself credit for.  Let’s take another look.

Well, I’ve been told by some friends I seem to be pretty intuitive, so I’m going to take a stab at “second sight” here.  At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I’m going to try doing some predictions for September.  There are for “entertainment purposes only,” and please don’t confuse this with an attempt to do parlor tricks.  This is simply a little experiment for my own curiosity.  I will break them down by category:


  • A member of Congress on the Democratic side will switch parties in the middle of the month. This member will not be up for reelection, but will endorse a Republican who could tilt the balance of power in the Senate. – Not quite…but the balance of power certainly tilted.  (verdict – nope)
  • President Obama will not face an impeachment, but instead Joe Biden will have some damning revelations about his tax returns which force him into a corner.  – The only damning revelation about Joe Biden is he’s Obama’s “insurance policy.” (verdict – nope)
  • A female Republican will emerge as a legitimate Presidential contender for 2016, and Hillary Clinton will officially announce her candidacy as a counterweight. – Marsha Blackburn out, Carly Fiorina, IN!  (verdict – nailed the person, not the time)
  • Several attorneys general will band together to file against Congress for failing to follow the constitution and force impeachment proceedings, which would begin in 2015 if this suit is successful. – Congress is suing the President, as well as several states attorneys general, over President Obama’s decision on executive actions regarding immigration reform…impeachment is highly unlikely, but this lawsuit could be just as damaging.  (verdict -mostly right)
  • A governor will be, in the midst of a tight race, forced to resign after a Youtube video showing him in a compromising position is revealed. – Oregon’s John Kitzhaber has been hit with scandal after scandal and, though he hasn’t resigned or faced re-election, he and his wife may have been caught with their pants down.  UPDATE:  Kitzhaber DID, in fact, resign in February (verdict – yes on the resignation, hair split on the reason)


  • Race relations will continue to deteriorate until an unlikely hero emerges to bring calm to the nation. This person will have a personal story everyone can relate to.  – Between New York and Ferguson, this wasn’t that big a reach.  The unlikely hero has yet to emerge (though that person would be very help right about now).  (verdict – half right)
  • Ukraine will not be granted NATO membership, and will be exposed for staging a terrorist attack in Moscow, averting a major military showdown. – This conflict is still red hot, but several NATO members have denied reports of NATO military assistance to Ukraine.  Meanwhile, Russian attempts to link Ukraine to the shootdown of the Malaysian Airlines jet have comical, at best.  (verdict – keeping CLOSE watch).
  • While a nuclear reactor is being decommissioned, a minor accident will leak fissile material into the atmosphere, forcing a major evacuation of a small U.S. city. – considering their track record of ineptness, Duke Energy’s Crystal River plant remains the prime candidate for this moment in infamy.  (verdict – keeping CLOSE watch).
  • Two terrorist attacks will be attempted, nearly take place, but thwarted at the last minute. One will involve the shootdown of a private aircraft by either the United States or Canada air forces. – Partly right, but these attacks were planned for the UK, not the US.  Neither involved private aircraft.  (verdict – part right).
  • Between Washington and Wyoming, a natural disaster will take place which wipes out a chuck of national park/forest area. – Not right now, but experts have stated the Yellowstone Caldera is rather active, though it’s seismic waves are normal.  (verdict – nope)


  • A major shift in the movie industry will result in Hollywood having to fight for its industry life. Tyler Perry’s studio expansion is just the start.  – Georgia is landing a lot of movie studios, with stage complexes set for cities around the regions.  Tyler Perry is reconsidering his original land purchase in favor of land he owns in nearby Douglas County. UPDATE:  Georgia’s university system stated it will be building “Film Academy” programs at many of its institutions.  (verdict – mostly accurate)
  • Tampa will become the setting for a hot new reality show. – MTV is set to debut “Growing Up Greek,” set in Tarpon Springs, in 2015.  UPDATE:  There was a recent casting call for the series “Soccer Moms.” (verdict – accurate).
  • New York will fall out of favor with most cop show producers. – Many producers are having to tread a difficult line with recent law enforcement force issues.  New York could be a casualty of this.  UPDATE:  A January Wall Street Journal article points to CBS having some trouble sustaining its aging stable of crime-drama, mostly New York based.  The article suggests something will have to give within the network.  (verdict – trending accurate)
  • A new animated series adapted from a foreign cartoon will debut in the United States, and will become a wild success.  – Nothing has jumped the ocean yet, but stay tuned…something could always pop up (verdict – keeping watch)
  • Seth MacFarland will announce he is calling it quits for “Family Guy,” citing “burnout.” – Turns out what so many thought were hoaxes, including myself, were correct.  Family Guy ended in May 2015, but since the announcement was made in August 2014, I will not take credit for calling it!  (verdict – already announced, inconclusive)
  • Fox will announce it will wind up “The Simpsons” after its 30th season. – Producer Al Jean spoke to this in October 2011, but never stated the show would wrap at 30.  Right now, it’s anyone’s guess, and Fox is inscrutable about renewals (verdict – keeping watch).  UPDATE:  Now that the voice of Flanders has left the series, the internet chatter about a potential “wrap season” is slowly heating up.  Fox Broadcasting execs have made it clear they want the show to hit 30 season first, so this appears more and realistic.  (updated verdict – trending accurate).
  • Several small-time authors will see their works go viral, becoming the “next generation” of major American authors.  Two of these authors will see TV/movie deals which set them up for life.  Still researching, but there are some potential blockbusters out there (a little shameless pub – would love for one of those to be mine – just sayin’).  (Verdict – keeping watch)


  • The NCAA will eliminate the bowl system entirely and integrate into it the college football playoff within five years.  – there is talk of this.  (verdict – keeping watch)  UPDATE:  The first season of the College Football Playoff was wildly popular, and MANY Athletic Directors have stated the desire for it to expand.  (verdict – long range accurate).
  • England’s Premier League announces plans to stage playoff games in New York and Chicago.  – nothing as of now, though soccer is growing in the US (verdict – nope)  
  • The NFL Network becomes the springboard for a new CBS sports network to challenge ESPN. – Thursday Night Football has been somewhat successful, but CBS has a LONG way to go to challenge ESPN.  (verdict – not at this time)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays announce a new stadium deal with Pinellas County, Florida near Clearwater’s airport.  – there are rumblings about a stadium in Tampa, so that’s not happening anytime soon (verdict – nope).
  • A scandal involving the New York Yankees causes a class-action season ticket holder lawsuit.   – too many to list – captain obvious moment here.
  • The National Hockey League announces it will make one last try with Atlanta and Quebec City, awarding surprise franchises to each city. Atlanta’s team is league run, while Quebec City is purchased by a collection of former players.  – the NHL IS considering expansion, and Quebec City is a frontrunner.  Bleacher Report has floated the notion of ATL deserving another team because ownership, not fan support, was the reason for failure.  (verdict – keeping watch).  UDPATE:  Quebec City has filed their application, as has Las Vegas.
  • The NBA’s television contract will be reopened by ABC and will see a major revenue cut, prompted in part by fan backlash to the L.A. Clippers scandal. this scandal has taken a back seat, thanks in part to court rulings against Donald Sterling.  ABC isn’t giving up a cash cow.  (verdict – nope).   UPDATE:  way off on this one.


  • Two wealthy families will admit they are openly trying to buy elections in several countries. – Mitch McConnell slammed his foot in his mouth by alluding to something along these lines in late August.  UPDATE:  Donald Trump admitted he’s spend a billion dollars to win the 2016 election, so I’m taking that one.  (verdict – accurate)
  • A major American bank will fail and be broken into five regional banks. – JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup are in the breakup crosshairs due to varying degrees of abuse.  Stay tuned.
  • A civil war will break out in Mexico, revealing the government is actually controlled by rival drug cartels. – already in progress, but this has been going on for years (verdict – accurate, but not really a prediction).
  • A major Hollywood A-list celebrity will reveal she has a huge crush on an unknown married man. – researching…seen rumors about this in some obscure websites.  UPDATE:  lots of divorces, but nothing like this.

That’s it, in a nutshell.   Since this is public, I now have it on record and I get to see what my “hit rate” is.  Should be interesting, and I really do hope some of the heavier stuff DOESN’T happen!

I would say I wasn’t too hot for September.  I WILL have a 2015 predictions post coming this month, so stay tuned.

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