Coming December 27, 2014 – the Green Weenie Awards


This year, nobody is safe!

The 2014 Southern Style Green Weenies (more regional now to narrow the field of contenders down) will take aim at anyone, thing, group, or team which dares to do the boneheaded!  Here are some of the EARLY nominees for the not-so-coveted award of non-excellence in the Southern Tier of the Lower 48.

  • Nathan Deal – Governor of Georgia – Snowjam 2014
  • Rick Scott – Governor of Florida – too many reasons to list.
  • Bruce Levenson – soon-to-be former owner of the Atlanta Hawks for making derisive comments about black basketball fans.
  • Tim Lee – Commissioner, Cobb County (GA) for being not only a shady, secretive crook, but an incompetent one at that.
  • Jameis Winston, Quarterback, Florida State University for being, well, a slimy-ass Division I quarterback. (And I LIKE FSU!)
  • Charlie Crist – 2014 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee, Florida for proving “playing it safe” never wins.
  • David Perdue – Senator-Elect, Georgia for a downright snotty, elitist attitude.
  • Oak Ridge Nuclear Laboratory (TN) – for suggesting employees with a “drawl” take speech classes.
  • Taylor Swift – for her verbalization of why she banned her music from Spotify.
  • Former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon for bailing on the team just as a stadium breakthrough appears imminent.
  • The Federal Government for failing to secure the Rio Grande then threatening Texas with repercussions if they do it on their own.

Got a nominee?  Leave a comment and why!!!  Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

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