In honor of Uncle Jack


In honor of the memory of my uncle, Giacomo “Jack” Guzzardo, who passed away this morning, I post this poem found online.  Uncle Jack was in the U.S. Navy for many years, then later worked as a government contractor helping to assemble,  maintain, and troubleshoot naval communications systems.  He was also a devoted husband and father to three girls, who have now all turned into strong women.

As he spent much of his life traveling the world, and serving his country with honor, I pray that somewhere, he is smiling and approves:

When the Last Hand Comes Aboard:

No more a Watch to stand, Old Sailor.
For you are drifting on an ebbing tide.
Eight Bells has rung. Dog Watch is done.
A new Berth waits you on the other side.

Your Ship is anchored in God’s Harbour.
And though his sailors are of equal rank.
there’ll be Shipmates on the deck to greet you.
And Pipe, as you ascend the Plank..

Her boilers with full head of steam.
Cargo stowed and Galley stored.
Just waiting to get underway.
When the last Hand comes aboard.

Goodbye, Uncle Jack.  Rest in peace,and godspeed on your new journey.

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