On Christmas Day, An Answer to A Profound Question of Giving

This is an actual message I sent to my wife about a question she asked me while we were driving home from work the other day.  I did my best to answer it.
My Dear Wife:
You asked me this evening why those with money turn their noses up at the poor, and why those with power never seem to want to do anything to help the less fortunate.  To be honest, I really do not know why, nor can I see into their hearts to determine what sort of thing would block them from doing such noble things.
The only thing I can figure is that, sadly, some people have no reference point from which to originate the spirit of giving.  While there are those who may have had everything taken from them and nobody to stand up for them, others may have been born into such wealth and privilege, they simply never understood the plight of those less fortunate and, as such, are simply incapable of comprehending the degree of the suffering others deal with.  That is a sad, lonely, a void of an existence, as far as I am concerned.
Of course, there are those who have worked their way out of poverty, only to turn a blind eye to those who need help.  This, in fact, may be the group most deserving of pity.  Can you imagine living a life in which you are so terrified of being reminded of the bad times, the hard choices, the deprivation and judgment of others, that your only option to self-medicate this pain away is to look down upon the very people you rose from?  I actually could never imagine doing such a thing.
We have to face a simple fact; we are quiet blessed.  In this holiday season, we are able to, once again, donate where the need is, offer our help to those who can use it, and try to, at least for a few moments, brighten another’s day.  Where others fail, either deliberately or through sheer ignorance, it is our calling to fill that void.  It’s what we do, it’s what we are called to do, and all we can do is the best we can, and set an example which will, hopefully, inspire others.
Your dear husband

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