A lyrical – and overly simplistic – salute to 2014!

Well, 2014 is almost done, and everyone has something to say about it.  Of course, there’s always a way to put these sort of things into verse, and I have chosen to do so.  This year-in-review will be put into lyrics, and you can sing along to it using “Hip to be Square” to by Huey Lewis & The News.  This song is titled “Here’s to 14!”

It should have started differently

No issues lurking ‘round

But nature took the gloves off

And chose to smack us down

Motorists stranded on Atlanta freeways

The polar vortex was the just the start, you see

Of a crazy year yet to be


Here’s to 14!

Here’s to 14!


We lost our minds in politics

It all played out on TV

We watched the fools most every day

And wished they’d cease to be

Now the elections over, congress is gridlocked

You got what you wanted, now the GOP

Is calling the shots in DC,


Here’s to 14!

Here’s to 14!

Here’s to 14!

Here’s to 14!


Don’t get started on Ferguson

Or immigration now

The dialogue should focus on

Healing the pain around

We made it through the craziness

Sure wasn’t a lot of fun

But don’t try to deny it

These ideas’ time has come

No more for hate

It’s time for love, you see

We’re all in this together now


Here’s to 14!


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