Time to start 2015 – right here, right now, musically speaking

We have arrived at 2015!  The year is full of new possibilities, and now it’s time to announce my theme song for the year.  Yes, shameless self-promotion here, but it’s all in good fun, right?

The year 2014 saw Katy Perry’s Roar highlight how my year would go.  Funny, that; last year roared, all right – just in so many of the wrong ways.  Between snowstorms, career storms, and all around family storms, 2014 was a challenge and a half.  It was one of the busiest, most challenging, and excruciating years of my life, and one in which I discovered aspects of myself which I never knew existed.  Certainly I roared, but the world answered right back, and some of those answers were simply not to my liking.  Still, lessons were learned, karma balance, and faith restored in many ways.  I found my strength was not in physical strength, but in my own endurance.  The foundation had been laid for the future.

It’s actually quite interesting that the year we just closed out was about foundations.  For so many years, my own had been one built on sand, which just couldn’t hold the weight of my own excess and arrogance.  It forced a true re-evaluation of my life and forced those around me to finally stand on their own feet and push forward into the world in such a way that they can now take care of themselves.  The next step is coming.

This new year is about taking a step back and planning, getting ready for the gangbuster year that will be 2016.  My writing work will continue to build itself to its logical end of good fortune.  It may not be immediate financial windfalls, but the planning stage is what is most critical at this juncture.  That is why stepping back is so essential, and why I have chosen to step back in time to find the song which will define my year.

I cannot overstate the importance of understanding that this tune isn’t about immediate action, but about waking up.  Arising from a long slumber and planning one’s day, cosmically speaking, is about as huge an undertaking as you get.  It requires thorough planning, understanding and patience.  For this reason, the song chosen must be viewed through the lens of one who is preparing a plan for execution, and must now dive deep into that planning stage, focusing on what’s important and keys to success.

Sweet Jesus…Jones, that is, gets the nod for my theme song.


Right Here, Right Now!

Yes, it sounds like a call to immediate action, and that it is, but that action is about planning to reap the rewards of 2016, when I know my true goals will be achieved and I will step into the light for good.  This has been a long, dark, often arduous journey, full of pratfalls and ego-busting bouts of humility shoved straight down my throat.  To be entering this year is all about reflection, preparation, and getting started on that road which will take me to my own promised land.

It’s time to get that done…right here, right now!  And it’s time for me to wake up from my own history.  Happy 2015, everyone!  Time for me to live in the moment, and focus on the plan.

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