A word about prayer


There’s been a lot of talk in the news and blogosphere about faith and religion.  While discussions about whether a divine power exists is never really good thing to get involved in, I can safely say that I know prayer works, and that we have lost our ability to understand the whole concept of what it means to pray.

As children, we are often taught to say our prayers before going to bed.  This may seem like a nonsensical exercise to many, but there is wisdom in it.  For one, prayers tend to calm the mind and allow us to focus on the task at hand in relaxed ways.  As humans, we too often tend to rely on scientific and empirical means to explain things.  It is the rare instance when we attribute something unexplainable to either a divine force, the esoteric, or something mystical.  This tends to be where we have the greatest difficulty understanding life.

There is absolutely nothing in the rulebook of life saying that prayer is bad.  It also doesn’t say we have to necessarily pray to an individual.  In many instances, prayer to ancestral spirits, cosmic consciousness or simply to “whoever is listening” is enough to slake our mental and emotional thirst for calm.

I’ll admit something – I pray every day.  Often it is unconscious; a little something under my breath asking for strength, or something to help allay the fears which have been lodged into my mind from past experiences.  By taking a moment to allow ourselves to pray, we give our brains a break.  After all, our minds cannot do all the heavy lifting – at some point, logic and empirical knowledge must yield to the possibility of something more powerful at work, and the ability to let ourselves surrender to the seemingly random and chaotic often lends itself to the greatest discoveries of our lives.

If this post seems a bit random, that’s because it is – I have no earthly clue why I’m writing it.  I just felt it was the right time, and perhaps that, in and of itself, is an answer to a prayer or two.  Hopefully, it is an answer to one you may have sent out.

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