To my readers – a call to help one of my good friends in his hour of need!

As many of you know from reading my blog, I really enjoy helping an underdog.  Recently, one of my childhood classmates, Eric Kreiger, became one of those underdogs.  Through no fault of his own, Eric and his family now face the very real possibility of losing their home to foreclosure as the result of unforeseen medical bills.  While the loss of anyone’s living space to unintended financial pressures is difficult to witness, this is a specifically painful event for me to watch, and I refuse to allow this to go unanswered.

Eric and I were in Boy Scout Troop 207 in Conyngham, Pennsylvania years ago in our youth.  He was one of the few people I can remember who displayed consistent, genuine kindness towards me.  Though we drifted apart over the years, social media afforded us the opportunity to reconnect and catch up.  He is a better man than I could ever dream of being, and he provided moral and emotional support to my family when we went through our time of need following our relocation to the Atlanta area in 2013.  As far as I’m concerned, he is a genuine, original man of character and deserves to have a life as free of financial fears as can be expected.

I would like to throw out a challenge to all my followers:  I am asking that you donate $5 to his GoFundMe campaign.  With nearly 200 followers, that would be $1000 – 1/5th of the way to get to his goal of the $5000 needed to pull his home out of the bear trap of foreclosure.  Please, share this post with anyone you can, and remember that karma has a wonderful way of rewarding us when we need it most, and expect it least.  I will be making my donation to his campaign this week as well.  Thanks in advance for all you can offer, either financially or otherwise.

Let’s help bring light in Eric’s darkest hour.  We can do this!

Click to donate to Eric’s GoFundMe account to save his family’s home!

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