First month of college, five to go!


BLOG NOTE:  My apologies for my extended absence – this blog entry explains it all.

My first month of my final stretch of college is in the books and I have just two words to say:  holy crap!

For those of you who do not know, I am in the process of completing my Bachelors of Arts Degree from my original school, Georgia Southwestern.  I attempted to leave and attend other schools, but circumstances drew me back to, as my alma mater song says, “ol’ Southwestern.”  Perhaps it’s just that we are intertwined somehow, perhaps destiny dictated that I was always meant to complete this journey I started, however circuitous the route taken.  No matter the reason, the fact remains, I am in control of my own destiny and, for the first time in my life that I can remember, I know in my soul that this is the right place, at the right time.

This is my second-to-last semester.  My final one, and easily that which will be the most difficult, will hopefully be completed at Kennesaw State University as a visiting student.  My goal is to be accepted as a transient student for Summer Semester, with an endgame of having my credits completed in time for a December 2015 graduation ceremony in Americus.  Does that mean it will happen?  Who knows?  I could be hit by a dump truck tomorrow, but the fact remains; I am chasing my goal of graduation and, with it, my dreams of having a life in which I can point to my own wall and smile at the degree I earned.

To be honest, this one will be far more satisfying than it originally would have been had I followed the traditional route.  For me, finishing my degree is more about the journey than it is about the actual ritual.  Where many parents push their children into going to college for social reasons, I chose to go because I knew it to be a route to where I wanted to be in life.  How did I ever know that route wasn’t ordained the way I was intended?  If there is one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s that it rarely turns out how we intend it to.  Even the most powerful and wealthy in life have curveball thrown their way.  Some are experts, hitting home-run after home-run, while others strike out constantly, never getting their chance to run the bases.

I consider myself more of a “contact hitter,” I pick the balls I swing at, and I love to get on base because that’s where I can make something happen.  That is where I can grab a steal or two, and maybe even swipe home plate every so often.  My apologies for the baseball analogy, but I’m starting to realize that more than any other sport, baseball mirrors life in many ways.

But I digress.  The fact is, I am ready to graduate, not because I have earned it – I am not there just yet – but because the time has come for me to end the journey and begin a new one.  Georgia Southwestern has been a part of my life for over 20 years, and it’s time for me to finally reach the end of this road and begin a new trek.  Whether it remains there, or somewhere else, is a matter to be determined by destiny’s call.  For a sense of perspective, when I graduated from Ridgewood High School in Florida, I was focused on getting my degree in four years and becoming a teacher.  Now, I am a published author of two books with a third on the way, I’ve worked for both small businesses and Fortune 150s, and I have friends around the world.  There have been plenty of flat tires and roadside assistance calls along this journey, and some days I was pretty sure I blew the engine out more than once but, in the end, I’m closer than ever to the end of this highway.

I’ll celebrate when I cross the finish line, and not one second before.  I’m done tripping just before the finish line…this time, I finish.  ZERO EXCUSES!

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