Dee Dawning drops by for “Day One”

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Old Man Winter has decided to make yet another layover in Atlanta this week.  Since ice, rain and possible snow are keeping us preoccupied, it’s time to escape into a hot, steamy world with Dee Dawning.  Somehow, she managed to dodge this mess and get us the juice on “Day One.”
The Sensual Awakening Series is an ongoing series of ménage a trois books from Dee Dawning, a longtime writer of erotica and erotic romance. The first three volumes, Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys, Sharing Brenda and Victoria’s Secret Life are contemporary westerns set around the fictional Tawny Hills Ranch near Dallas Texas.
The last three books, Playtime with Sera, Naked Research and Fancy Lady & the Desperadoes are also ménage a trois books by Dee Dawning, but in unconnected settings.

      Book Blast Day 1. Featuring Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys.

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