Derick Dillard’s actions could have major ramifications for the Duggars (note – video link may be disturbing to some viewers)

19 Kids and Counting Star Runs Into Cat With Sled

Life with Cats, a website for feline enthusiasts, has posted several pictures, along with a video, shared on Instagram by 19 Kids and Counting star Derick Dillard, showing Dillard running into a cat with his sled with family members cheering him on.  This disturbing video appears to be gaining some traction on social media, with over 700 shares of Life with Cats’ link on Facebook.

Though the Duggars are no stranger to controversy, this particular issue is sure to gain serious traction among animal lovers, especially cat lovers.  As cats now comprise more than half of the domesticated pets in American households, the actions of Dillard have already generated a firestorm online, with all sorts of blogs and news sites picking it up.

The Duggars contract with TLC, which broadcasts their docu-drama series, will likely be brought into question by network executives as a result of this particular matter.   Competing network A&E recently reinstated the wildly popular Duck Dynasty series following controversial statements made by Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson.  Where the Duggars issue differs from Robertson’s comments about homosexuals and religion is that actions, rather than speech, are the subject of controversy.  Dillard’s own attempt to strike an animal with a sled is certain to generate an outcry by the public, as well as calls to cancel the series or, at the very least, penalize the Duggars in some way for the act.

FULL DISCLOSURE – I am a cat lover myself, and while I do not condone the actions of Derrick Dillard, this post is approaching this matter from as objective a point of view as possible.

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