The calling of one person’s soul, which later inspired the world

There was once a person who decided that it was time to create a new world.  That person saw the injustices of the world, how the rule of the elite oppressed the few, and how money had corrupted everyone it touched.  This person focused their message on those who felt downtrodden, powerless and disenfranchised.  After a while, this person became so focused on their mission, others came around to listening to the message being given.

This person developed a significant following among those who believed their voice just wasn’t being heard.  People from all walks of life began to believe in the message.  It was a lofty one – everyone should treat each other with dignity and respect, extreme wealth was a dangerous thing, and there really was a path to find one’s calling and, ultimately, true peace.  This person called for change and people actually believed in the hope offered.  As word about this philosophy grew, a new ideology of a just and peaceful world began to spread.  Many wanted this person to become a leader, to rule and right the wrongs of the world.  This person, however, understood the true power was in the calling, the message, the higher mission.

Oh yes, this person had their detractors.  Many in power wanted to get this person out of the picture, spreading all sort of vicious rumors, and even going so far as to challenge the person’s origins.  Calls by the powerful for their removal were far and wide, and this person was the subject of many theories and stories.  This person didn’t represent the nation they came from, nor did this person espouse the beliefs or values which made this nation powerful and would, once again, allow it to rise to power again.  In the end, this person knew the spreading of their message would come at a high price, but that price was insignificant compared to what would be achieved in the grand scheme.

Still, this person persisted on, relentlessly, to their place in life.  In the end, this person faced trials, hardships and at times, appeared to be both delusional and even disconnected from the situation at hand.  Rather than look at things pragmatically and be a willing participant in fate, this person dared to challenge the status quo.  The pure philosophy this person espoused remains an anathema to the sort of thinking adhered to by those who wish to keep their fiefdoms and refuse to acknowledge a simple, innate truth – that not only is history cyclical, but the thirst for personal freedom, respect for the individual, and love for one’s fellow human beings cannot be extinguished through propaganda.  For this reason, the message, the philosophy began to be co-opted, twisted, and turned into something different, all to benefit the very attitudes and lifestyles this person railed against.  Fortunately, the message continues, and the philosophy continues to be taught and practiced by those who truly believe in a better world, a better way.

In the final analysis, it was truly about the message for this person, and about the desire to make life better for all touched by their positive, lofty idealism.  Skeptics would, today, regard this person as a liberal-minded opportunist.  Historians regard this person as a legendary figure who began an enduring philosophical movement.  Those looking for a better way still seek out the message in this person’s teachings, despite it being perverted, distorted, and parsed to fit any sort of means to selfish ends.

From a strictly historical sense, this person was a revolutionary, a radical, a person who upset the apple cart and threatened all those who had something to lose.  Curious as to who it is?  Here’s a hint…

The Hebrews called him “Yeshua.”  Google the name.

WRITER’S NOTE:  I do not consider myself religious.  Take this piece as you will.

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