Time for the moderate “sleeping dragon” to awaken

If you consider yourself a moderate from a political standpoint, this hasn’t been an easy run.  Moderates have been getting shouted down, bullied and abused by the extremes on both sides of the political fence.  We have been called spineless, gutless and cowardly, as well as accused of being political phoneys, fakes and opportunists who wont stay true to anyone.  For both the right and left. Moderates are regarded as the hapless dupes or selfish, what’s-in-it-for-me losers who contribute nothing to the world.

This left-leaning moderate is calling a giant load of bullshit on both parties.

Nobody has all the answers and, if they claim to, I run fast.  A great nation is great because it takes ideas, debates them, and seeks consensus.  Today, we have devolved from a “more perfect union” into something far darker.  Our nation is on the precipice of being neither socialist nor capitalist, but fuedalist.

I will never argue the merits of building your own fortune, or creating wealth to share with your family, but, at some point, common sense must prevail and children of wealthy or upwardly mobile families should have to make their own way in the world. Instead, the latest generation of so-called “trust fund babies” care little, if any, about their fellow man and many have adopted the dangerous ideologies of social darwinism.  Our nation, in order to build and flourish, must understand that constant renewal and fresh ideas are required.  Holding back innovation, either government foolishness or legislative protectionism, is the epitome of class warfare.   We claim to be a nation referring to itself as “We The People,” so that requires a fresh understanding that America is not oligarchy, nor a plutocracy, nor a theocracy.

Our constitution says “We The People,” not “We The Privileged,” “We The Connected,” or “We, The More Cunning.”  That statement, at the beginning of the Preamble to our constitution, is the keystone of our national identity.  There is nothing more important to our national future than the understanding that all the people, not those in the rooms of power brokers of both sides of the aisle, are the ultimate arbitor of national power.  Without the people, the powerful, the wealthy, the connected are nothing.  Those who believe that moderates are “gutless” or “spineless” are, themselves, weak schoolyard bullied whose greatest fear is our choice to awaken and act as the sleeping giant we are.

Moderates, lets wake up and breathe some fire together.

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