18 Practical Things I Learned While in College

This past semester of college has been a very rough go for me.  Those of you who are aware know that I am in the process of finishing my Bachelors in History, and to say it’s been a difficult road is an understatement.  There have been bureaucratic snafus, academic slips, and personal failings which threatened to completely derail this project, and some nearly succeeded.  All things being equal and my grades working, I will be entering what I hope is my final semester May 27th, 2015.

I’ve learned a few things about life between 1997, when I was last in college as a traditional students, and now, and I figured I would distill them down into 18 truths which really do apply at any age:

  1. Find your inspiration in life – seek it out as often as possible.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make at least one memorable mistake.
  3. Help build or rebuild something at least once.
  4. Invest in at least one of the following: a good set of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or shoes.
  5. Always have clean socks on hand.
  6. Learn how to change a flat tire and the battery on a car.
  7. Read any contract before signing it, no matter how long.
  8. If you have to pay full price for something you want, wait.
  9. Learn to make homemade chicken soup.
  10. Don’t be ashamed of your physical preferences in a mate; we all have them.
  11. There will be people you hate – render them irrelevant.
  12. Your friends reflect who you are – choose them wisely, and love them with boldness.
  13. Even if you can’t pay off your bills, admit that you have them and that you can’t pay them off.
  14. You will envy at least one friend in your life, and later wonder why the hell you did.
  15. Don’t have sex unless you don’t fear the possibility of rejection.
  16. Marriage isn’t about genders, it’s about the acceptance, love and forgiveness.
  17. At some point in life, you will feel unrequited love – accept it as nature’s emotional filter.
  18. (Saved the silliest for last) Pull at least one all-night food run to a town an hour away.  The memories made will last a lifetime.

Hope this serves as inspiration or desperation, but certainly one of the two.

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