A personal message to the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties

This message is intended for the Democratic and Republican Parties.

As I’m an American citizen, I hereby exercising my rights and terminating my recognition of your organizations as legitimate representatives of the interests of our nation, effective immediately.

The issue is simple:  to both of you, it’s not about doing what’s best, but about keeping your base happy.  Its about having power and using it to settle scores.  This isn’t ancient Rome, but both of you have done a remarkable job of attempting to apply the lessons of Roman politics to our republic.

This is not the only issue.  You both failed to recognize the lie that is the definition of the middle class.  Those who make over $250,000, but plead poverty, are not only behaving childish, they are flat out lying.  You have failed pur nation by buying into this lie to perserve your position.  Instead of trying to help those who work long hours, both of you act like the popular children on high school, deciding who should advance and who should fail.

This is not high school.  This is real life.

You have both failed this nation.  Focusing on morals and religion does not solve pur problems.  Yelling at each other like rival football teams is a baldfaced lie we all see through.  We “gutless wonders” in the moderate zone have been declared irrelevant until election time, when you and ypur lackeys on both sides bombard us with television, radio and print ads.  We are regarded afterwards as chumps amd dupes, and blamed for everything wrong.

For these and innumerable other reasons, as far as I am concerned, I have just two words for both the Democrats and Republicans.

You’re fired.

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