Lamenting the decline in student writing

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NOTE:  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted to this blog, and with good reason.  I am in the process of finishing my education at Georgia Southwestern State University, a degree long overdue for completion.  What does this have to do with writing, emerging authors and publishing business?  Quite bit, actually.  For a sense of perspective, I wish to post this essay written for my English class, which I retook to raise my grade-point average.

The world of collegiate writing is facing a crisis. As recent scandals involving standardized testing have proven, the current crop of incoming freshmen have proven, on many occasions, ill-equipped to handle the demands of college-level English classes. Yes, reading levels have seen a marked improvement over the past decade, but the ability to writing coherent, concise, and intelligent sentences continues to lag.

Think, for a moment, about your collegiate English classes. Were they boring?…

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