Some divine political humor


WARNING:  If you are easily offended by spiritual humor, it might be wise to not read this.

Years ago, an American man went to God and asked him a basic question.

“Why am I poor?”

God pondered that question a few moments, then offered up a question to the man.

“Why would you ask me that question?”

The man, perplexed, explained.  “I have very little money.  My family suffers from hunger every day.  I am hated because I love my friends, regardless of what they believe or who they choose to love or associate with.  My parents ache and can barely take care of themselves, and I am burdened with debt.  I served my country and can’t hear a car backfire without my blood pressure spiking, but I work hard every day, I live a moral life, I do right by others, and I give to my church.  So, I ask again, why am I poor?”

God, ever wise and loving, sighed for a moment, then offered this answer.

“My dear child, if you are doing all these things, yet complain about being poor, you are missing the point.  Life is not about accumulation or worshipping false prophets; it’s about giving.  Hunger, debt, pain, hate, war, suffering can all be relieved through a simple action – giving.  The act of giving is rooted in the greatest gift I can offer – unconditional love.  When you give with the expectation of receiving, you are not showing unconditional love, you are showing conditional love.  My love is unconditional, without limits.”

The man asked another question.

“So you want us to choose love?”

God’s answer was direct and simple.

“Yes.  My children have been given the right and ability to choose for themselves in all things.”

The man thought about this for a moment, then asked God one last question.

“You’re a Democrat, aren’t you?”

At that very moment, the skies rumbled with thunder, lightning shot across the sky, and the clouds rolled.  Preachers and politicians across the land believed the country to be judged, and called upon everyone to repent.  At that moment, God’s voice boomed across the land.

“Oh good grief, children!  You’ve become so arrogant, so full of yourselves, so sure of your interpretation of me, that you can’t tell when I’m LAUGHING!!!!”

MORAL OF THE STORY:  God’s sense of humor is highly ironic.

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