Dear Mr. Trump: Your Birther Shit is Insulting to Me and My Wife!

donaldtrumpegoI would like to aim this blog post at Donald Trump and his “birther” obsession.  Mr. Trump, your demands for President Obama’s birth certificate are insulting to myself and my wife for one very specific reason – she has no birth certificate because she was adopted, and there’s no record we can find.  She’s still as American as you are, and twice the human being you are.  Still because you are so damned wealthy and have the right connections in New York, you can get what the hell you want.  My wife, here in Georgia, can’t even change her drivers license over to Georgia.  While I know this mean about as much to you as a used Pontiac Solstice:  Apprentice Edition, I’m getting this off my chest, and aiming it at your Achilles’ Heel – your Jupiter-sized ego!

Why?  Because, quite frankly, my wife would be three times the President you could dream of being.

Those of you who have followed this blog know that my wife has been in a knock-down, drag-out fight to try to locate some sort of records from her earliest childhood days to satisfy Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) demands that she produce documentation of her identity prior to 1983.  So far, we have found all sorts of records – after 1983.  We have found the following:

  • A Medicaid Card
  • A report card from her elementary school days
  • A library card from 1983.
  • Her Certification for Notary Service from the State of Florida
  • College records
  • High School Transcript
  • Her Social Security Card/Verification of Taxpayer Number.
  • Valid Florida Drivers License.

Here is where we stand thus with regards to find OTHER records.

  • School Records – the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools cannot find any records: bear in mind, Cleveland Metro Schools and surrounding area school systems are notorious for records being lost or destroyed to carelessness, accidents, or negligence.
  • Baptismal Records – my wife was allegedly baptized Catholic, so we reached out to both the Diocese of Cleveland the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Both were extremely polite and caring, but we had no luck with either one, or their associated parishes, being able to locate her records.  To be fair, Cleveland St. Ignatius Church was the only one she attended during this time.
  • Passport – the State Department was firm in their stance with us: no records for the first five years of life, no passport. Period.
  • Social Security Administration: We are going to pursue this road because we are hoping there was a death benefit transcript with her name on it since her father passed away in 1978.  If there is one, it’s a huge step in the right direction.
  • Census Records: the 1980 Census is our best bet for a recording of her name as a resident at her mother’s house, but that requires $60 for research fees to the government (which we don’t have), and time (also, which we are very short on).
  • Immunization Records – sending the records request to the State of Ohio this week but, since immunization records were compiled on a voluntary basis prior to 2002, this will be, at best, a monumental crapshoot.

As of this moment, we have not received word back from any state officials, congressional representatives, or Governor Nathan Deal’s office.  We can only assume that, because this is not an election year, my wife’s situation rates just a half-step above gum on the bottom of a legislative wing-tip.  For Mr. Trump, that would make my wife a microbe and, in his eyes, an illegal citizen.  Honestly, I could give a crap less about Mr. Trump’s ego because, in my estimation, he’s about as useful as all the people who have attempted to “help” us on a governmental level.

Now, that being said, I have a question for the State of Georgia and its elected officials.  How come all of you dopes under the Gold Dome in Atlanta can be all butthurt about gay marriage, the Confederate Battle Flag, and transportation funding, but when it comes to a real life issue by someone wanting to become an actual Georgia resident, you all sit around the campfire, cover yours ears, and chant to the gods of stupidity and idiocy?

Then again, if you are really that butthurt, you’d all be forced to stand, wouldn’t you?

Just an FYI, I am a writer who has books published, operates more than one blog, and is getting ready to ramp my writing back up on Examiner.  If my wife’s saga is resolved with a Drivers License waiver with the Department of Drivers Services, it would be an amazing human interest story which could help any number of elected officials get their name out for being, to borrow from the attorney’s ad, “For the people.”

While I’m not holding my breath, any suggestions, contacts, or potential reblogs to elected representatives by you, my awesome readers, would be greatly appreciated.  I’ll continue to update this grand saga until I reach a resolution.  My wife thanks you, as well.

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