Help us reach the finish line with GoFundMe

Well, it’s reality – I’m a “starving artist.”  Well, maybe not literally starving, but money is tight at this moment in time.  I’m at the point where I’m close to being done with paying for my college tuition, and everything has simply piled up between bills and expenses.  We have cut back as far as we can at the moment, but the fact is we lost some significant income sources over the last few months.  I left my job at UPS due to the physical strain (along with promotion opportunities vanishing before my eyes) to go to a much-lower paying job in order to be closer to home and reduce the damage on my ankle.  That is a whole separate matter involving the now-failing Tampa Bay Times, and a car accident insurance settlement which I had to sign my right away in order to receive desperately needed funds at the time.  Add to that the fact our son is no longer living at home and the associated rent income dried up as well.  Long story short, we have made adjustments, but until everything flushes out at the end of this month, we are in the red.

That being said, I am asking my readers for some help – my GoFundMe page for my college education has had its goal lowered to just $600.  This amount accounts for my remaining college tuition and all necessary funds to get us to the finish line – this coming Friday, when our pay and expenses finally balance.  I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide us – nothing is too small at this point.

Click here to help us reach the finish line.

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