Some completely legit thoughts and questions about being a modern male

Believe or not, this is an observational post prompted by the fact I saw Erick Erickson and realized the dude bears a scary resemblance to William Shatner.  That said….

1.  How come EVERY guy on the cover of romance and erotica novels has six pack abs and chiseled pecs?
2.  When did it become acceptable to publicly circulate memes of male hineys, clothed or otherwise?
3.  When will we stop calling the shirts “wifebeaters” and call them something more accurate, like “overcompensating doucheshirt?”
4.  Are we, as men, really so insecure about ourselves that we aren’t willing to try something new in the bedroom, like GIVING???
5.  How is it that every TV shrink spouts incomprehensible platitudes about attraction, but a political cartoonist, after a 25 YEAR BREAK, FUCKING NAILS IT???
6.  Why British accents?
7.  When did Mens Health covers suddenly start looking like covers for Playgirl?
8.  Who the hell designated Charlie Sheen as the poster child for sex appeal?
9.  Why does it seem one month nerds are hotties, the next they are “out,” then right back in?
10.  This is more a gripe than a question….which one do you really want, ladies?  The hero, the badass, the brainiac, or the billionaire?  News flash:  “all of the above” doesnt exist.
11.  How come if a man even GLANCES at a womens behind, he’s busted in a nanosecond, but we men are like Keystone Kops when it comes to catching women doing the same?
And now the biggie…
12.  Considering these questions, how did Phil Dumphee EVER get with Claire on Modern Family?

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