41 bits of wisdom I’ve learned in my life – one for every year.

  1. If you like coffee, learn to drink and appreciate it black at some point.
  2. Drink that bottle of Coke you left sitting the sun – it always seems to taste sweeter.
  3. Learn how to change a tire, and change someone else’s at least once.
  4. At least once in your life, take a long trip using only back roads.
  5. Cheating only really works in baseball.
  6. Karma is real, but it’s also oblique – if you hurt someone one way, you aren’t going to necessarily be hurt back by that person, or in the same way.
  7. The bigger the decision, the more nights you should sleep on it.
  8. Jump in “feet first” at least once, then decide if you have a taste to do again.
  9. Don’t judge lifestyle choices – you never know when you may do something similar.
  10. It’s okay to whine once in a while.
  11. Social media is not the place for marital disputes.
  12. Learn how to apologize for things which aren’t your fault.
  13. Learn how to flirt innocently – it can be done.
  14. If you have to stare, aim for the eyes.
  15. Try to grow flowers or vegetables at least once – it gives you an appreciation for caring for life.
  16. Meditate as often as you can.
  17. Trust the soft voice you hear.
  18. A broken heart can only be healed by the person it belongs to.
  19. Falling in love is easy – hitting the ground after falling, that’s hard.
  20. It’s called a “crush” for a reason, and the word says it all.
  21. Write.  Often.
  22. Superstitions are based partly on our life truths.  Trust the ones which serve you.
  23. Trust your dreams.  Write them down.  Remember them.
  24. Forgive everyone, especially yourself.
  25. Truth is the confluence of every side of the story.
  26. Numbers do lie because humans invented them.
  27. Nobody has the right to decide who lives and dies except the person who that life belongs to.
  28. Morality is matter of perspective.
  29. Modern holy books are based, at least in part, on the political views of those who modernized them.
  30. News is a business – objectivity is an ideology.
  31. Sex and love are different.  Confusing the two is dangerous and can life-altering consequences.
  32. Learn to love without fear of injury – it can take a lifetime to learn how to do this.
  33. The one you are looking for is often staring you in the mirror.
  34. The difference between “loving yourself” and “being in love with yourself” comes down to two words:  giving and taking.
  35. We all hit bottom at one point – most of us bounce up, then right back down a few times.
  36. Getting knocked on your back is a good thing – you learn how to alter your stance so it happens less.
  37. The more the object is polished and shined, the less valuable or appreciated it likely is.
  38. When you finally release your attachment to a dream, it usually comes true.
  39. Learn how to find peace and silence when there is loud noise all around you.
  40. When you can’t see around the corner, turn wide so you can break off if you have to.
  41. Accept the things you can’t control, and what your heart feels is one of those things.

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