The Real ID Act Saga Continues – letter sent to the State of Georgia – UPDATE

UPDATE 8/26/2015 – I received this message back from the Georgia Department of Drivers Services:

If you can get counsel from the Superior Court in your County, they may have some answers.  We’re unable to veer off our rules set by the Attorney General

Georgia’s Attorney General is Sam Olens, I have written this office directly and hope to receive a response of some sort.  This is a ‘pass the buck’ answer I expected.  Unfortunately, bureaucrats seem to not care about regular folks anymore.


Well, the Real ID Act Saga with regards to my wife’s drivers license continues.  After messaging the office of Governor Nathan Deal (R), we received this response a few weeks back:



ATLANTA 30334-0900

Nathan Deal


Dear Mrs. Guzzardo:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding identification requirements to obtain a Georgia driver’s license.  I appreciate your concerns.

So that this situation can be addressed to your satisfaction, I encourage you to discuss your ideas with your state legislators.  The members of the General Assembly in your district can actually sponsor or vote on legislation on your behalf.  Should you need their contact information, it is available from your county board of voter registration or by visiting

You can look up any bill under consideration by the Georgia General Assembly by going to the legislature’s website at  When such legislation reaches my desk for signature, I will give very careful consideration to the concerns you have voiced.

It is always good to hear from my fellow citizens, and I appreciate you making me aware of your interest in this matter.

First of all, the hell you do, Governor Deal!  My wife’s situation deserves more than just a stupid damned form letter!  Second, not one single lawmaker we have messaged or called has returned our call, so we are obviously not important.  That being said, I’m am going to make public the letter I sent to the Department of Drivers Services (DDS) office which handles this matter, so it is a matter of public record, with names redacted:

Dear (name omitted),

I am writing to let you know we continue to be unsuccessful with
finding documents prior to 1983.  At this moment, while we do have the marriage license tying Tanya’s maiden name to her married name, attempting to find any sort of name records prior to 1983 has proven difficult at best.

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools in Cleveland, Ohio cannot find any early records on file.  Social Security Administration cannot find a source document for her number, despite the fact that federal law requires one.  In addition, we are in the situation where we expect to have to buy a car within the next year to replace the one we have, and Tanya’s lack of Georgia drivers license is putting us in danger of not being able to purchase one as, under Georgia law, ALL owners titled to a vehicle must have a Georgia drivers license.

We have contacted lawmakers and the Governor, and federal officials and nobody seems to be able to help us.  We have contacted the State Department and explained her situation, but the State Department has stated that she will NOT qualify for a passport because she needs an identifying document form the first five years of her life.  We cannot find this.

Through no fault of her own, my wife has been relegated to the status of being an “unperson.”  We would have hoped your office could have assisted us with this matter, but your counsel has insisted upon that documentation from prior to 1983. Tanya does not show up on any obituary or census record, yet she possesses a Social Security number which was established in her name.  The requirements enacted by the Federal Real ID Act have caused hardships nationwide for people such
as my wife, but only Georgia seems to be as strict, as I have read
stories about others in states such as Utah, North Carolina and Texas being granted waivers with far less documentation.

I honestly wish Tanya and I could meet with your counsel so she can see that Tanya is as American as anyone born here, and that she is “who she says she is” and has no reason to deceive anyone with regards to her identity.  She is a hardworking, taxpaying resident of Georgia, but the state government refuses to see her as such.  We find this rather unsettling.

Your cooperation with any sort of guidance would be greatly appreciated.

John Guzzardo

I’ll continue to keep you all posted on this matter.  If you wish, you can contact Governor Nathan Deal’s office about this matter at this website.  I know I won’t quit trying and, in the meantime, we really do need to repeal the Federal Real ID Act as it doesn’t help anyone!

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