POEM: That who I am

Pain and anguish, looking away to the past

They have corrupted a once joyful heart.

I look to you, my friend, my healer

The one who greets me through the looking glass.

You are but a shadow of the self you once were.

Where did you go?  Why did you run?

Is it not folly to believe our soul is unified,

Suffering together as true comrades in arms?

We have battled through much, sacrificed more,

And still we emerge, bloodied, injured, yet steadfast.

Hear me, heart which aches from decades of torment,

For this burden is no longer yours to endure.

Indeed, like Ulysses, yours is made weak by time,

Strong in will, and still stronger in forgiveness,

For those who harmed you no longer grace the field of battle.

Yours is the heart once broken, now healing

Burned by lust, stabbed by pride, bled by greed

Now healing through unconditional love and forgiveness

Understanding is your life lesson, my friend,

It is the vessel with which you shall sail to peace.

One shall greet you upon the day you arrive,

Which shall occur the day you surrender your fear.

Beyond a mere leap of faith, it is a truly blind jump,

One which commands that who commits to this action

To abandon the known and comfortable for the uncertain.

The moment of landfall marks the beginning of completion

It is the end of your beginning, when the heart is whole.

Upon that time, when the two become one

Joy and happiness shall flood and renew

And what was once lust shall be seen as love and truth.

Gaze into the looking glass and see yourself in whole

There is no longer reason for judgment of your failures

Nor is there need for recrimination or consternation.

Faith becomes belief, which begets knowledge, which begets wisdom

In the end, all unify to produce the one known as that who I am.

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