Blogging about nothing, and thank you for reading it

quillwritingToday is one of those days I really want to write a blog post, but I’m kind of at a loss for what to say.  There’s just so much to comment on, but others have already cornered the market on it, and to add to it would simply dilute the narrative.  That is the last thing I want to really do with this post.

Blogging is as much passion as it is art, but it can also be a royal pain the ass.  I have many friends who maintain their own blogs; some about what’s going on in their minds, others their hearts, and many about personal projects they are working on.  Be it weight loss, quitting smoking, fighting addiction, or simply attempting to overcome something from their past, we all have something to blog about.  Everyone can write if they want to, and there is no shortage of quality blogs out there for people to choose from.  It doesn’t matter if the personal is a professional writer, just venting, or sharing their life experiences in a quest to inspire others, this medium provides infinite opportunities to help change and shape lives.

When I think about that sort of thing, it’s nearly overwhelming to consider that we have several billion lives on this planet, and each and every one of us has a story to tell.  Some stories may be terminally boring to most, and some might capture the imagination of millions, but everyone has a story.  It’s very easy to be discouraged when one who considers themselves a professional writer sees the level and intensity of the competition, but that feeling can be quickly assuaged when the writer realizes that, in the grand scheme of things, telling the story is what really matters.  It’s not about how much money is made, or who reads it, or what the reviews are, or which media outlet covers it.  Fame is irrelevant, as is the influence which comes from said fame.  The reality is simple; a writer plies their craft to tell a story.  Everything else is superfluous.

When I chose to write my novels, I saw dollar signs.  I admit it; show me a writer who hasn’t dreamed of riches from their words and I’ll show you a writer who is a creative liar.  Money does matter to a writer, just like it does to any artist, or any person.  No artist, be they visual, musical or literary, wants to spend their whole life in the category of “starving.”  Still, the dreams which spring to life from the telling of the story are what matter more.  It could be any sort of dream, but when you can tell it, life takes on a different meaning.  For me, that dream was being able to share a story inspired by my college days, and later a story which was inspired by the idea we can all jump into other universes and see what life is like there.  Opening the heart and mind together is the first step to ultimate creativity.  It also introduced me to a world of beauty, intensity and intellect which I didn’t think I’d ever reach.

I know plenty of writers who are talented and write across genres.  I also know many readers who love a variety of stories and tales.  Personally, I love a good science fiction yarn, or a thriller, and even an erotic tale or two.  The mind is a wonderful place to escape to, when it’s all taken with a dose of perspective.  Some folks write and see their stories come to life in the real world; a prophetic novel, if you will.  For others, to paraphrase the words of Freud, a story is, sometimes, just a story.  Everyone has their own, and everyone has a story they want to hear, read, or see.

I shall continue to ply my craft, and hope more people read my stories.  I love to tell them, and write them, and entertain.  Experimentation with words is something I relish – I dabble in poetry, erotic writing, and even the occasional journalistic piece from time to time.  I have some diehard fans, and I will never, ever be ungrateful for the opportunity to inform, educate, and entertain my readers.  If this particular post proves anything, blogging offers one the opportunity to take the “Seinfeld” route and, in essence, write a post about absolutely nothing.

So, to all of you who read this blog, have purchased my books in paperback or downloaded them to your readers, or even simply glance at my Facebook posts, I just want to say something I guess I should have said from the start…thanks for all the fun and joy of interacting with you so far.  I raise my coffee cup to you, and look forward to many more years of entertaining you.

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