My blog is getting bigger than my head; revamp is coming, just need a new name

I’ve been doing some significant thinking over the last few days about this website and its future.  Fortunately, it’s fall, so the need for a Code Orange Alert in metro Atlanta is greatly minimized.  The fact is, this blog has basically gone as far as it can with my own work.  It’s time for something better, something different, something truly transformational.  It’s time for me to go, as a friend said recently, outside my comfort zone.  So now its time to do more than just rebuild something that once existed; it’s time to take something I’ve built to the next level, and that means raising this blog’s game.

First, let’s face facts:  this will never be a ideology-based news website, nor should it be.  This website is about entertainment, information, and education.  This is intended to do what the media, both traditional, mainstream, and so-called “alternative” can’t and won’t – shoot straight, be as objective as possible when appropriate, and be willing to embrace the possibility of what can be, rather than what isn’t or what we may disagree with.  This blog will transform into something vastly different over the coming months, but the core values of Inform, Entertain, Educate will remain.  Respect is paramount, as is understanding we are all one people, regardless of our differences.  That is the mission of this blog, and that is where it will always come back to if things go sideways.

Now that we got that little bit of philosophical spewing out of the way, down to brass tacks:  this “reboot” is going to need a name.  “John’s Head” is too limiting because I’m going to be recruiting contributors and people just wanting to have some fun to this thing.  I would like to sell some advertising and get this sucker making some money, but that’s long-range.  Right now, baby steps, and that means a really good, really punchy name.  Here’s what I’ve come up with and, yes, most are about as boring as watching my cat’s hair grow back following a very aggressive bath:

  • The American Scope – a play on my novels (really reaching, so it’s likely not happening).
  • The Leaking Heart – Not quite a collection of “bleeding hearts,” rather a group of compassionate folks looking to change the world.
  • SIGMET – weather terminology referring to severe turbulence, much like our world is facing now.
  • Rising Voices – self explanatory.
  • Single Bounds – we aren’t quite Superman, nor are we quite Clark Kent, but we are gonna do our best to leap tall buildings (and issues) in a single bound!

So, those are my ideas, what are yours? Add your comments below.

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