The Grey Jedi: why it might be Anakin

As we all known, Star Wars Episode 7:  The Force Awakens is coming out soon, and with it there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the alleged “Grey Jedi.”. Does Luke turn?  Is there a new breed of Jedi?  Do the Sith find a way to become more powerful?  Well, I have a theory that may blow some minds, so please allow me to throw this little beauty into the arena.T


I say Anakin Skywalker returns and is the Grey Jedi.

Now, before I am inundated with people who say “his body was burned at the end of Ep 6, you idiot” go with me on this.  Yes, Ani was mortally wounded at the hands of Palpatine/Sidious.  Yes. He was an old man who looked like Dr. Evil’s parallel universe daddy, but there are three reasons why this theory holds water.

1.  Ani possessed the highest amount of miti-clorians ever documented.  He was essentially a half-step off being able to be non-corporeal.  If you remember in Ep 2, Palpatine spoke of Darth Plageous, who could manipulate the creation of life, and that only a Sith could learn to do this.  What if, as Darth Vader, Anakin learned to do this so well he could actually do it from the nether regions of the Force and reanimate himself somehow?  It’s not that farfetched.

2.  Luke Skywalker was never mentioned as anything but the last hope, and Leia as the other.  The Jedi prophecy speaks to one, not two, and certainly not three.

3.  Anakin being the Grey Jedi fulfills the Prophecy of the Jedi because, by being neither of light nor dark, he both restores and maintains the balance.  He refuses to allow passion or dogma to govern his work, and ensures neither side grows too powerful.  This not only “restores balance” it ensures it and, thus, offers us the opportunity to see Anakins true destiny.

Can’t wait to see what the fandom has to say to this one.

One thought on “The Grey Jedi: why it might be Anakin

  1. Anakin as the Chosen one was supposed to be the first Gray Jedi. The first of the Balance.
    Luke was supposed to carry on the Legacy of the Balance. But he became titty-sucking cowardly hermit in The Last Jedi.

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