Some more fun things about Virgo men

My last post I decided to go off on a little rant about some things people don’t know but should be aware of when it comes to Virgo men.  This one I have chosen to expand it a might and look at a few things about Virgo men (and women, in many cases) people just need to understand and come to grips with.  It’s very easy for our fellow sign friends to point the finger and say “well, there he/she goes being a Virgo again.”  News flash:  none of y’all are perfect!  Aries can be damned stubborn and argumentative, Cancer bossy and obnoxious, Leo attention hogs, Aquarius flighty, Gemini so scattered you need a butterfly net to catch em, and don’t even get me started on Sagittarius!  That being said, here they are, in no particular order

When we are “dialed in” or “in the zone,” we are damned near unbeatable.

Here’s something most of you non-Virgos just seem to forget, or don’t want to get, about we of the virgin:  we have ridiculous, almost laser-beam focus.  Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn can focus and win with the best of them, and Sagittarius hates losing, but none of them hold a candle to Virgo when we are dialed in and focused on our goals.  The funny part is, when we are really “all in,” it’s not because we want to win (granted, that feeling reinforces our self esteem, which feeds into other things), but because we doing it out of love whatever it is has got our attention.  For example, when I write, and I absolutely loving what I do and what I’m writing about, I am literally researching, double checking, learning, absorbing…everything and everyone on the subject I can find is chatted up.  You want to see a serious laugh, put a Virgo in a competition with a Sagittarius and a Cancer where the latter two think they have the game won with six months to prepare.  If Virgo is even CLOSE to being interested in the subject matter, you can bet the other will, at the least, come away thinking “where the hell did he come from?”  When I think of being a Virgo in that regard, I think of the late Herb Brooks quote “We may not be the best team, but we will be the best conditioned team…that I’ll guarantee you.”  Virgo is about conditioning (we are natural gym rats and fitness nuts, of course) and being ready and focused.  As Hannibal from the A-Team says “give me six months…I’m unbeatable.”  Guarantee you he’s a Virgo.

When we’re heartbroken, you just don’t recognize us.

There are few signs which button up the emotions better than Virgo, but there’s a flip side to that; we do it because we wear our hearts on our sleeves so regularly.  Virgo men are aloof and stoic in many ways, but only because we can’t seem to find the right person for our lives.  Many of us try to soldier on, but you can just tell we are “off our game.”  Something’s wrong.  Something just doesn’t make sense.  Virgo is never like this – he’s usually well kept, handsome, on-point, on-time, organized.  His desk is a disaster (and I mean a genuine scattered heap, not organized chaos as Virgo men are very good at creating), his hair is looking mousy, his clothes unpressed, and he’s late!  That’s not him!  Completely true.  Dig deep enough, ask the right questions, and you’ll learn that he’s probably suffering a profound heartbreak.  Virgo likes to lose himself in his work when hurting, but when the wound is deep (and I mean really deep), even his work can’t shield his mind from negative self-talk, feelings of inadequacy, and an all-around sense of defeat.  I don’t ever advocate Virgo men having casual sex (the Virgo male’s psyche doesn’t operate quite the same way with intimacy as other men – we have to feel to do in that regard), but this is one instance where I make the exception – if a Virgo man is suffering severe heartbreak, get him a night of unbridled passion to break the slump, and you’ll see him back to normal.  The explosive oxytocin release (Virgo men are VERY sensitive in this department) will literally “reboot” him, and repairs will begin almost immediately.

Pets just get us

I have yet to meet the Virgo who doesn’t have at least one pet of some sort, be it a bird, fish, dog, cat or snake.  We love having something to take care of (and if it’s an animal, it helps curb our predisposition to codependency) and we tend to form extremely deep bonds with our animal companions.  When they pass, we ache and mourn, and then we have to move on with life.  But the joy we get from their company just does something to us because they understand our way; they come when they want to but, more often than not, when we need them, and they love unconditionally.

News Flash: Subtlety is not Virgo’s strong suit.

I had a friend recently remind me that I am not subtle.  Well, guess what – I’m a fucking Virgo!  What do you expect, that I wrap a sweet nothing in a box of chocolates and act like Mr. Debonair?  Sorry, about the best I am capable of in that department is wrapping an insult in a compliment and shoving it down someone’s throat.  Virgo’s (especially men) are constitutionally incapable of anything even close to subtlety.  You wanna see bluntness?  Don’t go to a Sag when you want the truth, or an Aquarian when asking the meaning of life, ask your Virgo male his opinion about an outfit you just bought.  True story:  a friend of mine, when he explained how a guy was treating a woman he had it bad for, get this reaction out of me – “That dude is a fucking idiot,” and I then proceeded to start walking towards said boyfriend to give him a piece of my mind before my friend restrained me.  That’s Virgo “subtlety.

If you’re a Virgo, you obsess…it’s what you do.

Now, I’m not talking crazy, over-the-top shit.  Virgo has way too much sense to do that, mostly because he made that blunder years prior to his situation (though his Gemini and Libran friends would vehemently argue otherwise).  I’m referring to the constant second-guessing that happens when a Virgo decision blows up in his face.  Yes, we are calculating, sometimes scheming, and often very deliberate, but it’s a rare moment when a decision we’ve made hasn’t been agonized over and obsessed about for months and years on end (days and weeks are for rookies).  Also, we tend to obsess over “what could we have done different,” “what might have been,” and “how did we go so wrong.”  Yes, there is a way to break the cycle – we find another thing to obsess about, be it a hobby, a book, or a line of work.  By the way, it does take a while, so just be patient.

It is the rare Virgo male who loves casually and when we love, look out!

Okay ladies, let me ask you a question:  have you had a Virgo male love you?  If so, count yourself among the fortunate ones.  Virgo men, when they truly love (I don’t mean a passing crush or fleeting fling, we are famous for that as part of protecting our hearts), are probably the most “all in” signs out there.  We don’t just love for days, weeks or months.  We love for years, and ours is not the sort which turns in an OCD thing – we know how to put it in perspective and be scarce when necessary.  Still, don’t ever confuse retreat with surrender; when our opportunity comes, or when destiny calls, we are ready.  Funniest of all is how Virgo men are dismissed as bedroom prudes – hardly!  We may be the most crazy of all in that department because we are so damned repressed in life.  Match us with the right person, and nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits!  We may not have the suave seductive approach of a Scorpio, or the pretty-boy allure of a Taurus, but Virgo’s is a rock-solid love which Shakespearean sonnets are made from.  The first person who ever spoke of loving another “across space and time,” was likely a Virgo.  We can reduce a fire to its embers, but it never truly goes out.  We are the folks who, when someone is getting up there in age or just needs someone to hold on to late at night, get the call because, even after all those years, the fire remains and, if they are truly available and interested, it’ll burn just as bright as ever.

One thought on “Some more fun things about Virgo men

  1. I won’t speak for all Aquarians but I am not “flighty”. I’m not fickle nor irresponsible. When I commit to something or someone, I am all in. I even hold out hope when a relationship is over because I believe that oh, they’ll wake up and realize what they left. I can honestly admit, none have. Oh, wait…one did but it was almost a year later with no apology offered and I was like, ” Oh, hell no…” My response would have been different had he acknowledge my hurt over his cheating but maybe I was expecting too much. After all, he did want me back…
    As for irresponsibility, I am responsible. When I worked, I handled my responsibilities well. As a wife, I took my responsibilities to my husband seriously. Had I been fickle, I would have divorced him. As a mother, I take my responsibility to my children seriously. Financial responsibility is a weak area and I fight to not spend more than what I have coming in. I do have a budget which gets challenged monthly but I think I have improved since I got to take over last year when my husband died.
    I’m done commenting. I could go on but am choosing to shut up.

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