The Annual Zodiac Holiday Party

And now for something really silly…let’s take a look at the annual Zodiac Holiday Party.

Aries does what he always does; gets drunk, starts an argument and storms off early, only to come back and prove his point.

Taurus is the life of the party.  She’s talking to everyone in sight, enjoying good food and regaling people with stories and good cheer.

The Gemini twins are two men, who wear high fashion suits and are flirting with every woman in sight.  Sagittarius is very attracted to both, but later is repelled when neither one remembers her name.

Cancer is in charge of the party committee and is professional about it all.  He is discussing business deals over dry martinis while discussing the upcoming opera season.

Leo is dressed to kill. She wears the most seductive outfit she can buy, and has Aries wrapped around her finger.  Most all the guys are talking to her, except one and that’s…

Virgo, who is Cancer’s right hand man and handling the details.  Though not flashy, the women in the room whisper about how cute he is.  He is oblivious to it, but has a secret crush on one of them.

Libra is going with the flow.  He chose to bring the most fashion sensible gift for the secret Santa, hoping it’s Sagittarius so he can woo her to his house later for after party festivities.

Scorpio is missing from the room, but  had been flirting relentlessly with Virgo.  She’s wearing a black see through number that catches everyone’s attention.

Sagittarius hears Scorpio moaning in a nearby closet and discovers she’s having sex with Virgo.  Sag walks off incensed, not so much because she really likes Virgo so much as Scorpio got him first.

Capricorn, Virgos best bud, gives him a disapproving look when Virgo comes back in, a smile on his face and his clothes mussed up.  Virgo tells Cap to screw himself. They talk about Star Trek later over coffee.

Aquarius is outside, smoking a joint and attempting to locate the Christmas star with Taurus, who apparently drank a little too much.

Pisces is furious at Libra because she was supposed to go with him but he stood her up.  She instead goes with Leo, who spends the night listening to Pisces droning about how she’ll never find true love.

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